• SteelSeries Kinzu V2 Review

This mouse will certainly not be too interesting at first glance for many gamers, and this is not surprising at all since it has really simple design which resembles to some cheaper models. However, beneath this, it lies great optical sensor with performance which are worth seeing.

SteelSeries peripherals are very well known for demanding gamers, and this is probably best indicator of quality and performance of these series. This time, we tested budget model of a mouse with optical sensor which looks very unpretentious, but also attracts attention of those who seeks affordable solution for playing games. There are not many full-blooded gaming mice on the market, there are many different models out there, however simple models like this one will still be very popular because manufacturer knows exactly what gamers like. Perhaps price of ? 45 does not sound very much affordable, but there are other more expensive models.

SteelSeries Kinzu V2 key features
Very simple design
Great performance
Plug and Play
Keeps three profiles
Sensor: Optical, Counts Per Inch (CPI 400-3200)
Interface: USB, 1000Hz pooling
Keys: 3 + scroll

SteelSeries Kinzu V2
First thing we noticed is that mouse has dimensions of 117x64x36mm and it looks very ordinary. Black matt plastic is made of excellent quality but seems a bit unpresentable, and if that there is not huge manufacturer’s logo, we thought that it was some cheap mouse without any special characteristics. However, it is far from the truth. Design of the mouse is completely symmetrical, and it suits for left-handed players. It is not ergonomic, but fits in hand perfectly and glides very nice (thanks to its weight of only 77 grams and specially designed feet that occupy 16% of lower area). Although the top of the mouse is not large, we think that will work best for those who control mouse movement with fingertips.

Mouse has three keys: standard left and right and one located behind the scroll wheel and which has a function to change DPI sensitivity (there are two predefined values). Scroll wheel is made of hard plastic, it is white and with ribbed texture that helps easy use. Cable is protected by a twisted sleeve, which usually more expensive mice have, and USB interface with a pooling of 1000Hz, which practically eliminates any delay. Sensor is optical and it is located centrally, in the center of gravity of the mouse. Setup software is very simple, there are three possible profiles in which you can select all available parameters (DPI sensitivity, acceleration, response speed).

Impressions are positive, we had in front of us a mouse which will deceive many users with unconvincing design, but other than that, it brings exceptional optical sensor which is a nice surprise. Although it is not most comfortable mouse we tried so far, it runs extremely nice and fast, it has a very simple setup software and acts as a great option for those who do not want to spend a lot of money, but also seek quality gaming mouse. SteelSeries has a great reputation and Kinzu V2 proves it, so it deserves a warm recommendation.


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