List of all Corsair mice

Mouse, A-ZYearForm FactorConnectionButtonsSize, mmPrice
Corsair Katar
2015AmbidextrousUSB4111 x 64 x 39 View on Amazon
Corsair Sabre RGB
2015Right-handedUSB8124 x 80 x 38 View on Amazon
Corsair Scimitar RGB
2015Right-handedUSB17 119 x 77 x 49 View on Amazon
Corsair Raptor M45
2014Right-handedUSB7? View on Amazon
Corsair Raptor M30
Corsair Vengeance M65
Specs | Review
2013Right-handedUSB8118 x 77 x 39$55
Corsair Vengeance M95
Specs | Review
2013Right-handedUSB15114 x 70 x 38$70
Corsair Vengeance M60
Specs | Review
2012Right-handedUSB8118 x 77 x 39-
Corsair Vengeance M90
Specs | Review
2012Right-handedUSB15?, -
Corsair Raptor LM3

If we had to choose a golden period for peripheral components, Corsair would surely be in this era and it is a company found at the very top companies for mice and keyboards. Corsair Components, Inc. is full name of this American based PC peripherals and gaming equipment organization and it was established in Fremont, California. The organization was consolidated in year 1994 and it was reincorporated seventeen years after in Delaware: In the beginning of 2010, Corsair was fused as Corsair Components, Inc. and they planned to offer a numerous scope of PC items, including memory modules, power supplies, USB drives and many more. But, Corsair is most reputable for its mice and they have many mice editions that are selling all through the Europe, United States, Europe and Asia.

Corsair has variety of mice models, and their innovation in laser technology is very impressive. Corsair is a company well known for bringing creative mice models, and modern parts to the PC gaming sector. Corsair Company represents considerable authority in superior mice technology with effective specifications and other key segments for all gamers. Corsair is a company well known for bringing creative mice models. Established as Corsair Microsystems in 1994, Corsair created Level 2 modules for OEMs, but later focused on gaming mice. It is a leader in innovation and design for mice models, and its management team work hard to build reputation and brandable name. Some of theirs best selling gaming mice are Corsair Raptor and Corsair Vengeance, and there are models made of plastic and aluminum, for both right handed and left handed gamers. If you need mouse for general gaming, or even FPS and MMO games, Corsair has right offer for you. Corsair mice are definitely right choice for every gamer, no matter if they are beginners or advanced gamers.

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