List of all Cooler Master mice

Mouse, A-ZYearForm FactorConnectionButtonsSize, mmPrice

Cooler Master MasterMouse S
2017AmbidextrousUSB5117 x 63.5 x 38 View on Amazon

Cooler Master MasterMouse Lite S
2017AmbidextrousUSB3117 x 63.5 x 38 View on Amazon

Cooler Master MasterMouse Pro L
2017AmbidextrousUSB8125 x 67.8 x 38-
Cooler Master Sentinel III
2015Right-handedUSB8135 x 83 x 40
cooler-master-Xornet II-optical-low
Cooler Master Xornet II
2015Right-handedUSB7105 x 77 x 37$35
Cooler Master Alcor
2014Right-handedUSB7125 x 60 x 40$65
Cooler Master Mizar
2014Right-handedUSB7125 x 60 x 40$45
Cooler Master Havoc
2013Right-handedUSB8120 x 85 x 45$50
Cooler Master Reaper
2013Right-handedUSB8129 x 78 x 41$65
Cooler Master Recon
2013AmbidextrousUSB9116 x 64 x 42$70
Cooler Master Sentinel Adv. II
2012Right-handedUSB8135 x 84 x 40-
Cooler Master Sentinel Z3RO-G
Specs | Review
2012Right-handedUSB8135 x 84 x 40-
Cooler Master Spawn
2011Right-handedUSB7107 x 75 x 35-
Cooler Master Xornet
Specs | Review
2011Right-handedUSB7107 x 75 x 35$20
Cooler Master Inferno
2010Right-handedUSB11120 x 75x 40$75
Cooler Master Sentinel Advance
2009Right-handedUSB8135 x 84 x 40-

Cooler Master is one of the largest manufacturers of PC cases and keyboards in the world, as well as products for all gamers. Cooler Master Co. Ltd is a full name of this company and it is settled in Taiwan. It was established in 1992. Lately, company extended its operation into gaming products specifically. CM Storm is a brand made in 2008, and it is a part of Cooler Master Brand. This brand was famous for its Sentinel Advanced mouse and other gaming mice. In 2012, the arrival of the Sentinel Advanced II mouse included new laser sensor with high resolution. This manufacturer has excellent mice models and they popularized and increased its brand in the last couple of years. Cooler Master offers ideal solution for all type of gamers from beginners to hardcore gamers, and their products have excellent performance and durability. The company grew in recent years and many gamers can not imagine playing games with any other mice.

Company was founded with a goal to provide best solution for PC and Laptop frameworks. It remained true to its mission and strategy, and company is still leader in gaming and PC products all over the world. Cooler Master is still a leader in gaming and PC products all over the world. They are not satisfied with mediocre solution; they offer only top solution for your gaming experience. Cooler Master’s mice are made of high quality materials, and they have modern and superb design. There are models for right handed and left handed people, there are models for hardcore gamers and for those who play games as a hobby only and there are mice in different price range for every pocket. CM wants to build consumers? loyalty with long term cooperation with every single buyer out there. One of the ways to do it is to guarantees high quality mice and to satisfy needs of every individual clients. Responsibility for improvement is a must, and they work continuously to improve every mice model currently available on the market. Cooler Master has a worldwide system of support and sale that focus to accomplish consumer desires and to provide answers to all their questions. While staying consistent to their mission, Cooler Master is reacting to changes in the gaming industry. We hope they will proceed to create excellent gaming peripherals with modern design and affordable price.

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