• CM Storm Sentinel Zero-G Review

Here comes another great product from Cooler Master company. Sentinel Zero-G mouse is an improvement of the previous version and it is currently the best mouse this company can offer. Impressions from customers are excellent and this mouse can be recommended to all high demanding gamers.

Cooler Master Storm product line is specifically designed for gamers, and we saw several very interesting models of mice and other peripherals recently. Sentinel Zero-G is an improved Sentinel, which will probably be popular among players due to great cost-benefit ratio. This mouse is a bit larger than previous model, and it will suit the best for those who use claw style control. It combines superior accuracy with very attractive light effects, internal memory that keep settings and other tweaks in previous position, and this means a lot to all those who love to play games. Interesting fact is that, with a mouse, you also get Shattered Horizon game, which is a nice bonus.

At first glance, mouse seems a bit larger than average, it has a length of 13.5 centimetres, it is made of plastic with rubber side walls and a mesh with metal design on the top. It is a model designed for right-handers, it is ergonomically designed and you can be sure that the whole hand will fit perfectly. It also seems to us that mouse will suit the best for gamers with smaller hands. Weight of a mouse is 112 grams, and there are also additional five adjustable weights which can be loaded at the bottom side, which gives additional weight of 4.5 grams. In this way, the mouse can easily be customized according to your style of play. Our impression is that this is a very high quality product that can withstand long-term use and a rough handling, which is not so unusual in the gaming world. The cable is protected by braided sleeve and it has length of two meters, with gold-plated USB connector at the end, and this is a proof how good this mouse really is.

CM Storm Sentinel Zero-G - Quick Specs
5600 DPI Storm Tactical Twin-laser sensor
Interface: USB, 1ms response, pooling 1000Hz
Number of keys: eight, scroll wheel
Dimensions: 135 mm x 83.5 mm x 40 mm, 112 grams
Read full specifications

Besides two standard mouse buttons at the front end of the mouse, there are three more at the top: one button is in front of a scroll wheel, which changes active profile, and two are behind the scroll wheel and these buttons change active DPI values and increases it by 25DPI. Scroll wheel is excellent, it is pointy and made of plastic, and it measures 7 mm in thickness and 2cm in length. It’s easy to use and it is located perfectly. On the left side, there are two sets of navigation buttons which are a bit harder than others. There are also embedded LED lights which we don’t see at first glance (two at front, next to the cable and one on the top) which can be adjusted independently, and this lights have visual and practical function since it can connect with active profile so that user gets visual identification of his or her profiles. And this is not all – there is a built-in OLED display that can depict icon that user chooses, which is very convenient for those who use any type of logo.

This model of a mouse has new improved laser sensor with maximum resolution of 5600 dpi. It will easily run on most surfaces except glass. With a purchased mouse, you will get a spare feet that will ensure quick and smooth movement. There are advanced settings available in the Sentinel software which can be installed separately, starting from separate X and Y axes acceleration and colourful LED lighting. The mouse comes with 128K bytes of internal memory, which can save all previous settings. The mouse is excellent and we can say that this is one of the best laser mice of a new generation that will perfectly suit even for high demanding gamers.


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