• Razer Orochi Review

Orochi is a gaming mouse and it is a top notch product of the latest generation, and it has very compact dimensions, perfectly symmetrical, and uses wireless Bluetooth 3.0 interface for connection with a computer with an optional USB cable if needed. It uses a laser sensor of latest generation with resolution up to 6400dpi, which gives it great precision.
Razer is one of the best known and most respected manufacturers of gaming hardware and peripherals, and we have already had opportunity to see some of their mice and keyboards, and both are highly rated. Although getting use to wireless mice for gaming is a bit complicated, because huge number of players don’t want to give up a USB interface because of its better performance, maybe this mouse will convince them to change their minds. Razer Orochi mouse is known from the past, and company released updated version in 2013, which brings more precise laser sensor and a better autonomy among other things. Will this be enough or not, it still remains to be seen.

Key features
Made of high quality materials
High precision
Great performance
Sensor and resolution: 6400dpi 4G laser
Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0, 1000Hz pooling
Keys: 7 + scroll wheel

Razer Orochi is a small mouse, and much smaller than average gaming models, and we see that it gets recommendation to be used along with some laptop, since it would be easy to carry it and put it in the bag, especially because you also get practical soft case for carrying it around. Immediately we see that there is an additional USB cable, in case the batteries run out, so you don’t have to waste time while you search for extra batteries. Cable is braided with a protective twirling layer, with gold-plated connectors on both sides, and this ensures minimal latency and a good response time. Although mouse uses batteries (two AA exclusively), this mouse can not recharge its batteries, which is a shame because it would be more practical than constant battery changing. Manufacturer says that two new batteries can provide up to 30 hours of playing continuously (twice more than previous version of mouse), and there is a LED light on the mouse that indicates when the battery needs to be changed.

Mouse is completely symmetrical, and this is something that can be seen very rarely in gaming models, but left handed players will certainly this option, because they often have trouble to find such model. In addition to two standard buttons on the top, there is a wide pointy scroll wheel made of quality material, which is located deeply and with LED backlights. In addition, mouse has two thumb buttons on each side. On the bottom, next to four large feet, there is centrally positioned sensor (mouse is well balanced) and On/Off switch. Mouse uses advanced power saving technology since after a short period of inactivity it turn itself off, and it turns back on as soon as it detects movement. On the other hand, if you play FPS games, this is not a good option because it can be turned off when you need it the most. However, after you get used to it, this is not so noticeable, and on the other hand, it prolongs batteries life cycle.

Mouse uses a laser sensor of fantastic maximum resolution of 6400dpi, and you can’t find any objection with this. We did notice that there is a split second of reactivation of the mouse after sleep mode, but according to us it is good compromise for longer battery life. You can change batteries when you take entire top area of the mouse off which is attached with magnets to the mouse, and we liked that manufacturer used higher quality plastic than before. Plastic on the top is coated with rubber material that provides excellent grip. As for the Bluetooth interface, we have not had any problems and mouse worked without any problems, despite our attempts to confuse it. Although mouse is definitely not cheap, if you are looking for more compact wireless mouse to play, you can try Orochi.


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