• Logitech G9x Review

It is not difficult to recommend this mouse when it is one of the best gaming controller on the market currently. Fantastic ergonomic design, two special masks, weights, built-in memory for storing and tons of options which will satisfy even the most demanding gamers. All in all, respect for Logitech G9x and warm recommendation.

After a long time since launching of one of the most advanced gaming mice models – G9, Logitech has introduced its successor in form of refreshed G9x which not differ from previous model at first glance. Main difference compared to the previous model is in new sensor with increased precision, up to 5000 DPI, while rest remained almost completely same. This however does not prevents us to say that G9x is truly remarkable mouse who might not be interesting enough to G9 owners, while others will have a reason to buy themselves new mouse, especially if you are passionate gamer. We have to admit that there are not many models which attracted this much attention, and we will do our best to present what G9x offers to potential buyers.

Key features
New sensor with high optical resolution, up to 5000DPI
Special keys for changing the DPI resolution in real time, without opening a separate program
Integrated memory and profiles, mouse will remember all settings separately from your PC
Weights for balance adjustment

Quick specs of Logitech G9x
Sensor: Laser sensor
Resolution: 200-5000DPI, real-time adjustment resolution
Interface: USB Full (1000Hz)
Keys: 6 keys, MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel
Features: Build-in memory, 9 megapixels/s, 30G acceleration, speed of 3.81 m/s, weights of 28 grams each
In addition: two masks, Precision and Wide Load

For those who have already seen or use Logitech G9, G9x model will be well known. Identical design with sharp lines, package comes with two masks and additional weights. These masks are Precision and Wide Load, and user has to choose between them. Precision mask is rough and adjust perfectly to the hand, while Wide Load mask was designed for those with slightly bigger hand who prefer to rest hand on the mouse. We liked Wide Load mask better, as it gives a better grip, while DryGrip finish Precision mask is good against sweating. It is build of high quality materials, solid plastic and mouse looks like it was made for military purpose. Ergonomics are excellent, hand has natural position and does get not too tired, and there is an thumb rest on the left side. This unfortunately means that left-handed people will not be able to use this mouse. It is interesting that Logitech prepared something called ID Grip, which is a mask with graphic included, and there is even a possibility that user upload customized image.

Mouse has a sensor up to 5000DPI (minimum resolution is 200dpi) and you can set it in real time, so it is only necessary to press the + and – on the top area to adjust resolution that suits the best to your needs. In addition to these +/- keys, there are two standard and two thumb buttons and MicroGear scroll wheel, which is taken from MX and VX models. Wheel is made of metal and rubber in the middle, which in addition to two scrolling modes supports horizontal scrolling. With one click on key at the bottom, default mode which is same as an ordinary mouse goes into Hyper Speed mode in which the wheel turns, almost without resistance, and you can scroll between large number of documents or websites. There is a special Profile button underneath which changes active profiles, which may not be good place for it. Feet are made of special material (Polytetrafluoroethylene) and this reduce friction to minimum, so mouse literally flies around any surface.

To adjust the mouse, we used the well-known SetPoint software which has impressively detailed options. Beside adjusting resolution settings, acceleration (vertical and horizontal axis), and even a color of built-in LED lights (the upper side of the mouse are LEDs that show the active profile and acceleration). Mouse can also save records of five profiles, and software allows up to thirty different profiles that can be loaded into the mouse. Sensitivity can be changed while it increases by 200-500 DPI, which is more than enough that anyone can set up according to their needs. There are also Pooling Rate (up to 1000) but also an interesting option for withdrawal straight lines. SetPoint is really very advanced in this version for G9x mouse, and you can play around with numerous options and adjust the mouse as you want. Finally, there is a small drawer for weights at the back, in a lovely tin box. There are total of eight weights, 4 grams and 8 grams respectively. There is a space for four weights in a drawer, so you can make combination according to your gaming style.

In the end, it is not difficult to summarize impressions. Logitech G9x mouse is really great and it is perfect weapon for every serious gamer who wants to improve his or hers skills. Extremely advanced features and options, precision and ergonomics are its important features. This mouse is flawless, and since this is the most advanced Logitech mouse for gamers, it can be placed among top five gaming mice you can currently purchase, and we can recommend it without a hassle.



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