Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

I have noticed specifications which are incorrect or they are missing?
All the information published has been collected mostly from the manufacturer, but it is possible that some specifications are incorrect or are incomplete. In case you have a remark or an update and you would like to point them out, please contact us so we could update the specifications and in that way you can help us create a more complete and correct database.

May I send my own review of a mouse?
That is possible if you contact us through the contact sheet and you deliver quality review of a mouse for which we currently don’t have a review. We will publish it on

Do you sell mouse?
No, serves only as a website that offers information about mice. It is possible that while you browse our web page that you come across links to online stores that sell mouses or other electric equipment, but those are external links and is in no way connected to them.

Why are additional options missing, with both search and comparison? is a website in the making and as such at the moment we can offer the basic functions, but we would be happy to hear your suggestions in what way we can improve it and as the web page grows we will try to implement those suggestions.

Why does the price of the mouse not match the sales price?
All prices, written in US dollars, are simply informative character and have been gathered from various sources at the moment of adding the mouse in our database. We do not update the price as the time goes by so it is possible that the price found on this web page does not match the current price of it on the market.

For all other questions, please use the contact sheet.