List of all SteelSeries mice

Mouse, A-ZYearForm FactorConnectionButtonsSize, mmPrice
SteelSeries Rival 700
2016Right-handedUSB7125 x 68 x 42 View on Amazon
SteelSeries Rival 100
2015Right-handedUSB6121 x 67 x ? View on Amazon
SteelSeries Rival 300
2015Right-handedUSB6 133 x 70 x ? View on Amazon
SteelSeries Kinzu V3
2014AmbidextrousUSB4117 x 64 x 35 View on Amazon
SteelSeries Sensei Wireless
2014AmbidextrousWireless8120 x 69 x 41 View on Amazon
SteelSeries Kana V2
2013AmbidextrousUSB6124 x 64 x 37$55
SteelSeries Rival
2013Right-handedUSB6133 x 70 x 45 View on Amazon
SteelSeries WoW MMO
Specs | Review
2013Right-handedWireless / USB11115 x 81 x 40$40
SteelSeries Sensei MLG
2012AmbidextrousUSB8126 x 68 x 39-
SteelSeries Sensei RAW
2012AmbidextrousUSB8126 x 68 x 39$60
SteelSeries Kana
Specs | Review
2011AmbidextrousUSB6124 x 64 x 37$55
SteelSeries Kinzu V2 Pro
Specs | Review
2011AmbidextrousWireless / USB4117 x 64 x 36-
SteelSeries Kinzu V2
Specs | Review
2011AmbidextrousUSB4117 x 64 x 36$20
SteelSeries Sensei
Specs | Review
2011AmbidextrousUSB8126 x 68 x 39-

SteelSeries is a manufacturer from Denmark and it is specialized in gaming peripherals and accessories. Its most popular items are headsets, keyboards and mouses. Company was founded by Jacob Wolff Petersen in the year 2001. Its original name was Soft Trading, but it was changed to SteelSeries. Soft Trading made the Steel Pad and Ice Mat mats for mice, and this models are the place where name origins can be seen. One year after changing its name, SteelSeries acquired Ideazon, manufacturer of gaming products peripherals from North America. SteelSeries supports a number of gaming teams through sponsorships. They are also partnered with Electronic Arts, Gunnar Optiks, Blizzard Entertainment and Valve Corporation and its management is right in the middle of the sports and gaming activities.

SteelSeries company has been focused on making high performance mice and gaming products. From the beginning, SteelSeries company has been focused on making high performance mice and gaming products for most demanding gamers worldwide. Company was established as an idea of two people who recognized the need for high quality gaming gear. Today, company has grown into one of the most popular leaders in gaming industry. Company has offices in Asia, North America and Europe, with one mission to satisfy needs of every gamer in the world. Functionality and functions of SteelSeries mice can be adjusted with special software and there are different type of mice available for MMO games, for FPS games and for games in general. Team at SteelSeries company develops products with internal communication and cooperation with many networks in technology area and they have partners around the globe. They test and try to implement new ideas and technology with every new product. Their goal is to listen to every gamer and to implement gamer’s needs into their production of mice. Some of the best professional gamers in the world use SteelSeries because they are satisfied with its functions and design. SteelSeries does not want to invent gaming industry, its team do not focus on one specific product and they strive for perfection. Instead, they listen and they create new ideas and technology with just one goal: to produce mice with best performance.

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