• Logitech G100s Review

This is excellent new gaming model from Logitech, which continues to build good reputation of another excellent model – G100. This mouse has new optical sensor up to 2500 DPI, and long durable feet and switches. Logitech decided to continue with a winning formula, but new fresh version of Gaming Series mice is not have changed a lot. We get the impression that Logitech didn’t want to change design or functionality by any means, but it fixed endurance issues this time, so that we have opportunity to see a mouse which will withstand and outlast many models on the market. First model presented for gamers is G100S, successor to G100 model, which should offer best cost-benefit value. It is standard USB model with an advanced optical sensor up to 2500DPI, and it will definitely be great choice for less demanding gamers.

Key features
Compact dimensions
Symmetrical shape
Precise optical sensor
Exceptional durability
Sensor: Optical sensor from 250 dpi to 2500 dpi
Interface: USB 2.0, 500Hz
Keys: four + scroll wheel
Optional: acceleration of 20G, speed of 120inch/s

Logitech G100S Optical Gaming Mouse
If you are familiar with previous Logitech models, you will notice that this mouse has similar shape as other models in this series: rounded upper area and totally symmetrical shape, so it will perfectly suit for majority of users, both left and right handed. We noticed that top area of a mouse is made of special hydrophobic material, and it prevents hands and palms from sweating, while the entire surface is mat plastic that doesn’t reflects fingerprints. In addition to attractive patter” at the top, mouse looks pretty standard, and there are not many details that will draw special attention to it.

Mouse has four keys available: standard two keys below scroll wheel and a special DPI switch key, which changes sensitivity from 2500dpi to 250dpi by default, and you can change its function in SetPoint software. Manufacturer has used switches which can withstand 20 million clicks, while feet can hold 250 kilometers. This is, without any doubt, extremely durable mouse. Cable for a mouse is not much of high quality, which would contribute to overall impression. Mouse can be connected to a computer with USB 2.0 interface with a response of 2ms, or 500Hz report rate, and mouse has no internal memory to save your settings.

This mouse is perfect for RTS games where it is more important to be fast and accurate instead of having large number of keys. Also, it should be noted that mouse is probably better for those who will move it with fingers, because of its lightweight construction. Mouse quality is great and mouse seems very stable and robust, definitely looks like it can withstand intense use. We believe that Logitech did a great thing with this model, they kept everything from G100 model and added new precise sensor, and far more durable feet switches. For this price, it will not be easy to find anything similar.


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