• Razer Naga Epic Elite Review

This is latest edition of famous Razer Naga mouse, this time is wireless, but with a cable which you can use if battery runs out if you are in the middle of a game. We still have a great mouse in front of us, designed for MMORPG players who doesn’t have so many competitors on the market.

When we tested this Razer Naga mouse, we concluded that it is very original and unique solution for MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) players. With so many keys which can be programmed to single details, (all possible types of macros), gamer gets more speed and increases number of things he or she can do for a short period of time, and this is what brings the advantage in playing games. Naga Epic Elite brings couple of new things: wireless interface and removable side panels, so mouse can easily adapt to gamer’s habits and style of playing. All in all, we have a candidate for the best MMORPG mouse on the market.

Razer Naga Epic Elite key features
Large number of keys
Combination of wired and wireless interfaces
Sensor with high precision
Great ergonomics
Sensor: 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Laser Sensor
Interface: Wireless 2.4GHz / USB
Number of keys: 17 (fully programmable)
Features: 1ms response time, 1000Hz pooling rate
Additional: Zero-acoustic Ultraslick Teflon feet, autonomy 12h / 72h (intensive and average use), removable side panels

Naga is certainly not type of mouse which can be seen often, but it is a model which can attract a lot of attention. Mouse has slightly larger size, which is kind of logical because of many keys located on it. Design is typical for Razer, and its front end with a mouse scroll wheel can be easily compared with other models from this manufacturer. It is made of quality materials, matte plastic is very pleasant to the touch, it has glossy plastic at the side, and in general, mouse is one of top quality on the market. In addition to the Razer logo engraved on the back, at first glance it seems unremarkable, but it is only until you get used to it, and there is a backlight which is a proof that this is not a “regular” mouse. In fact, this wireless mouse is designed in that way that cord can easily be attached to the front and to change battery without pausing the game.

There is a stand that has a dual role: as a battery charger and as wireless adapter. You also get two additional right side panels in the package, and reason for this is that mouse can adapt better to the user and his or hers style of play. Principle is very simple, side panels are held by four screws with a magnet, and it can easily be removed and there is no danger to fall down. Below we see area for batteries, which has a capacity of 1100mAh and it should provide approximately twelve hours of continuous intense play, or up to 72 hours of average use, which is a very decent. Battery can be charge by putting mouse on the stand (there is a contact area underneath. On the bottom, we see a couple of extra keys: On/Off, Pairing, and one which selects functions of buttons on the left side of the mouse.

Besides two standard mouse keys, there is an excellent large scroll wheel, pointy, and very convenient to use. There are two additional keys behind it, and there are 12 additional keys on the left which are intended for thumb use. Although fact is that you will need some time to get used to its design, it’s not so bad because you will get mouse with great functions, and design is definitely not a disadvantage. Mouse uses a laser sensor, with high resolution up to 5600dpi, which gives a really excellent results and it works extremely fast. In addition to the standard software for mouse settings, there are additional settings including color backlight and additional controls for World of Warcraft.

This mouse is really great combination of precision and speed, with huge number of keys (up to 17 of them can be programmed as you wish). Passionate WoW players will improve performance if they use these keys. Although this is certainly not a mouse which will suit for everyone, it is not its most important function, but to adapt to the user (both ergonomically and functionally) and he or she gets as many macros and functions in MMORPG games, in order to obtain an advantage over the competition.


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