• Razer Mamba Review

Brand new Razer gaming mouse is one of the most expensive on the market. This mouse combines wireless and wired interface, laser sensor with high resolution up to 5600dpi, and built-in memory, and this is just a few out of many options it has. Mouse uses a Li-Ion battery, which can handle up to 14 hours in the most intense use. Although you have to spare a lot of money to buy it, Razer Mamba is a fantastic mouse which is extremely attractive.

Razer is a name which players will immediately recognize as manufacturer of some of the best gaming mice on the planet. We have already had the opportunity to test some of these mice with names of poisonous snakes, and it is turn for the most expensive gaming mouse and probably one of the most expensive mouse in general) and its name is Mamba. What is so special about it and why is Mamba so expensive? This is a combination of wired and wireless mouse with advanced laser sensor with resolution up to 5600dpi. Razer Mamba is also fastest mouse available on the market, which explains its popularity. We were informed that incoming contingent of Razer Mamba was sold in short period of time, so it certainly has enough reasons to buy it, and to see what you will get for a price of ? 139.

Razer Mamba key features
Wireless interface without any signal delay
Fastest laser sensor of 5600dpi
Exceptional ergonomics and high quality materials
Stunning performance
Sensor: 3.5G laser sensor resolution 5600dpi
DPI switch: Five steps for adjustment
Interface: USB Full (1000Hz), wireless RF
Keys: 7 plus Hyperesponse
Features: Razer Synapse Build-in memory
Dimensions: 128mm x 70mm x 42.5mm
Weight: 130 grams
Autonomy: up to 14h for continous play, up to a maximum of 72 hours

At the first use, it is clear that this is no ordinary gaming mouse, although we do not believe that parents who spent ? 139 in improving their kid’s skills for gaming will be so enthusiastic about this package as we were (and most certainly, their kid). See through plastic lid reveals Razer Mamba which stands on a pedestal, while mouse equipment is neatly packed in cardboard drawers beneath. Mamba is fully black, and matte plastic is very pleasant to the touch. It is build of excellent quality materials, and the design resembles a lot to Death Adder, with some minor changes. Mouse is almost symmetrical, but keys are located to suits better to right-handed players. Side panels are rubberized and it fits perfectly in a hand, and it is also very comfortable for intense use. We note a slot in the middle behind the scroll wheel, and it is used to connect cable provided in the package. Razer Mamba can be used wirelessly, or connecting with a cable, in which case Li-Ion battery can be recharged. A small note, there is single battery in one package, which can be tricky if it gets empty in the middle of a game. Otherwise, charging takes 4 hours on a board or 5 hours via cable.

Base is simply designed, and it is very easy to set up the mouse. There are total of nine keys of which two are actually used for scrolling, so that in practice there are seven keys whose functions can be adjusted. In addition to those standard keys, there are two thumb keys and two keys are located in the top left corner and its function is to change active DPI sensitivity. Underneath the mouse, there are keys to turn mouse on, connecting a cable, and next to the battery slot and charger connector, there are three Teflon feet which are very smooth and if you use good surface, it allows mouse to literally fly around. One interesting feature of a mouse is that there is built-in memory to keep all settings on different computers (but you must install drivers first). Software for mouse settings is excellent and very detailed, and it is interesting that even though there are five steps to change DPI settings, you can use less (2 or 3 for example), and this is convenient to avoid confusion. We say this because there is light turned on for an active profile of DPI setting (for some reason, there is no battery status indicator), and it is not easy to remember what light indicates which profile. You can setup everything else very easy, and macros are saved to mouse memory.

In practice, mouse proved its quality. Its sensor has a resolution of 5600dpi, which is perhaps a little exaggerated since we do not know anybody who will need so much sensitivity, but fact remains that this is the currently fastest mouse in the world. Ergonomics are really impressive because hand will not get tired even after a long time of playing. Although this mouse is a bit heavier than average (because of its batteries), it did not bother us whatsoever. Finally, it should be said that autonomy lasts up to 14 hours in continous use, while an on/off use can have a range of up to 72 hours. Anyway, it is not a bad idea to charge mouse every once in a while, and if you do so, it will not be emptied while you play. Mamba is a bit expensive, but it is definitely worth it.


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