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There are three main types of mouse grip. Palm grip, tip grip and claw grip. But, what this means? Does one mouse fits all or not? Although palm grip is the most popular grip design, claw grip is used for RTS gamers, and tip grip design can be used if you like to play rapid movement games.

grip design

Three main type of mouse grip. Source: razer.com

Before purchasing a mouse, you should ask yourself a question about what type of games you prefer. There is a huge difference if you like to play RTS games more than games where rapid movement is important. Although many mice come with ergonomic design, one mouse cannot fit every type of gameplay and one mouse cannot satisfy every gamer’s need.

Let us analyze every single mouse grip. Palm grip is the most popular one and it means that palm grip gamers use the natural position of a hand to play games. Hand and palm are resting on the mouse area and this type of mice are made wider than usual. In this way, the hand will have maximum support to rest. Mice with palm grip are better for users who need perfect and precise control.

Claw grip is used by gamers who love to play RTS and action-like games. These types of games are getting more and more popular, and if you prefer to play these games, you should buy mouse with a claw grip design. Mice with claw grip are very suitable for gamers who need control over that back and forth movement.

Tip grip, or fingertip grip is a grip design that doesn’t involve the palm at all. Fingers are positioned across the mouse area and the scroll wheel is a bit hard to reach. Chassis of mice with tip grip design are very lightweight and short. Tip grip design is all about fast movement and speed, and if you like to play games where you need to be fast, consider buying a mouse with a tip grip design.


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