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Hello there, it’s Ales!

I am so pleased that you found yourself on my website which was created for all you gamers out there who are interested in gaming mice, whether just to check the specifications of your current mouse or you are planning to choose for yourself the best gamers mouse for your needs.

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Here is a short story about how I got idea for this website.
I have started, most likely as well as you have, with a regular cheap mouse which I had just because it was necessary for working on the computer and because the graphic card had to be the most expensive component on the computer, so I could play as many games as possible, and on the most peripheral parts, I wanted to save as much money as possible. But as time passed and I spent a lot of my time playing computer games I had noticed that no matter how much I develop my gamers skill, it makes no difference, if I don’t own a good mouse. I had decided to buy Logitech MX518 which introduced me to the world of gamer’s mouse.

At that time I was playing Counter Strike and COD2 and the new gamer mouse really turned everything around. Bigger precision, ergonomic feel and quality of production really blew me off and then I realized I would never go back to my old regular mouse, but that it will always be a gamers mouse whether I played the games or not.

Nine years later, I am still a gamer, I still play games as actively as before and I still have the gamer’s mouse, but from my Logitech I have changed 5 till today. My second mouse was DeathAdder in the year 2007, which is still being produced today, after that in the year 2009 I bought Logitech again, but this time it was the good old G9x model, and then in the year 2011 I got SteelSeries Sensei, which offered the perfect ratio of quality and my investment as I managed to get it cheap. Today I am using two mouses (because of two computers that I own). The first one is Roccat Nyth and the second one is Razor Ouroboros. Both models have their own little flakes, but are also prime examples of computer technology.

This web page was created because of the second hobby that I have, making web pages, so I got the idea of putting the two together. After a thorough research of the Internet market today I have found that this type of web page, like mine, doesn’t exists yet, because if offers to the possibility to compare mouse and in the same place you can get all the information you need on gamers mouse.

Since I have been keeping track of the gaming mouse market for the past nine years I think that I gathered enough knowledge to create this web page, as well as my personal experience with over 30 models of mice. All of the information on this web page I gathered directly from the manufacturer and the reviews have been researched in depth and carefully written. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through the contact sheet.

As of today this website is maintained by me, Jake. I have taken over the website from Ales to continue to bring the most recent and relevant information so you can make the best purchasing decision for yourself.