• Mad Catz R.A.T. TE Review

From very popular R.A.T. Saitek series, here comes new mouse which is now available under the name Mad Catz. Top quality design and durability although aluminum body is replaced with plastic one, as well as plenty of settings and excellent high-resolution laser sensor are what you can expect from this Tournament Edition model.

We already saw how good Saitek RAT model mice are, and they reached top positions in gaming perypherals category. Now, here comes mouse with Mad Catz tag (which bought Saitek some time ago). This is R.A.T. Tournament Edition mouse, and it kept some of the features of its predecessor, with a much lower weight that will suit for professional players.

Key features
Lightweight construction
Very attractive design, similar as other RAT models
Laser sensor with superior performance
Detailed settings
Sensor and resolution: laser, 100 – 8200 DPI (steps of 25DPI)
Interface: USB 2.0 (1000Hz Pooling rate)
Keys: six + scroll wheel
Additional: 50G acceleration, tracking speed of 6m/s (240 ips),0.2mm – 1mm lift-off
Weight: 100 grams

Mad Catz R.A.T. TE Gaming Mouse
Whoever had the chance to see previously Saitek RAT model, he or she will not be surprised design that is different from anything that can be seen in this category of top gaming mice. Unfortunately, most of the customization options shaped mouse is absent and no matter there are many screws with hex key, parts are not changeable and this can be considered as a flaw for those who previously used Saitek models. Fortunately, there are other adjustments – the length of the mouse, so that everyone will be able to adjust mouse to their size of a hand, palm or claw grip. However, we notice immediately that this model is made of plastic, which results in a small weight (only 100 grams), which is usually more suited for professional players, but we still have to conclude that it misses robust metal construction from previous models. Although the plastic is very good and there are no objections, it is simply not as impressive and indestructible as the previous R.A.T. models.

Mouse uses advanced Laser Doppler sensor up to 8200 DPI which automatically detects surface and adjusts parameters for optimal performance. There are four profiles for the DPI settings available, with LED indicators to the left side. There is a total of nine keys available for customization, along with distinctive Precision Aim Sniper key which reduces active DPI settings, and it is convenient for precise aiming. This new R.A.T. model has lift-off adjustment (from 0.2mm to 1mm), which will be useful for most advanced and demanding players. Mouse supports three profiles where all nine keys can be programmed with standard or macro functions, for a total of twenty seven different settings, with LED light of different colors.

At first glance, we see that this mouse is lighter and less durable than other models. Plastic part is made of very good quality material and we believe it will withstand long term and intense use, as evidenced by the fact that manufacturer has predicted five years of life cycle, which is impressive after using it for 6 days a week 6 hours a day. This mouse is lightweight, very comfortable to use, and there are plenty of different settings including adjusting length of the mouse, so it continues good R.A.T. reputation.


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