• Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Review

This mouse is probably the most advanced gaming controller on the market and it is really impressive what functions Saitek managed to implement on it. Mouse like this will definitely be perfect choice for high demanding players who will in turn get amazing weapon to play with.

Saitek Cyborg series periphery is very well known among gamers since it comes from perhaps the highest quality gaming controllers available on the market. This time, we had a chance to test Cyborg R.A.T. 7, which represents a new generation of controllers, and that will certainly be main point of interest. We have not seen anything similar like this before, and Saitek seems to be able to do something completely different. One thing is certain – every serious gamer will want to purchase this mouse, especially since it has affordable price, and its cost-benefit value is optimized.

Key features
Impressive quality
Many adjustable options
Exceptional accuracy
Changing the DPI settings ad-hoc
Sensor: Laser, 25-5600 dpi (in increments of 25 dpi)
Interface: Full Speed USB 2.0, dynamic pooling rate up to 1000Hz
Number of keys: five plus scroll wheel
Additional: 50G acceleration, 6m/s tracking speed, five weights 6 grams each, three keys for rest and upper edges.

It’s not very easy to give impressions for Cyborg RAT 7, this mouse is something we have never seen before. The metal body and plastic area is made of high quality plastic mat, it has numerous screws and this gives a mouse a futuristic look. Mouse looks like a custom designed mouse made in the garage of some mouse fan, rather than a mouse that it can be purchased regularly at any good hardware store. In the package, we immediately saw that top area for hands is changeable. There are smooth and textured area of the same size available.

Although it looks like, at first glance, that ergonomic design is its main disadvantage, it is far from the truth. Specifically, with couple of screws, you can adjust mouse length, and this is convinient for those with larger hands and those who like to rest whole arm. Also, thumb rest can move horizontally and vertically so that the mouse is very adjustable to specific needs. And this is not all – there is a special cartridge for five weights, and you can adjust mouse balance and weight too. This mouse is wired version (there is a RAT 9 model which is wireless) with a high-quality cable wrapped up with protective layer and 1000Hz pooling rate, and it can be adjusted as well, which is quite interesting.

In addition to the two standard keys on the top and a scroll wheel, which is made of metal with a toothed piece of hard rubber, there are special DPI key with maximum resolution of 5600dpi, and it can be adjusted in increments by 25dpi), Back and Forward keys on the left side, thumb scroll, mode select on the top which activates one of the four profiles that can be saved, and separate Precision Aim key (red color on the side). This key, combined with ST Programming Software software decreases DPI precision in real time until you get speed you want.

It is certain that it will take a bit time to adjust mouse settings since gamers must choose appropriate palm rest and the little finger rest, length of the mouse, position the palm and thumb rest can take a while, but it will pay off because it gets really excellent ergonomic design and mouse that is completely user friendly. 5600dpi laser sensor and advanced settings mean that the accuracy will always be adequate, and the accompanying software allows adjustment of all parameters, so that we do not believe that anyone will find something faulty. Saitek R.A.T. 7 is a unique mouse on the market and deserves a recommendation without any reservations.


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