• Mad Catz M.M.O. 7 Review

Cyborg RAT 7 is top gaming mouse which comes in M.M.O.version with additional keys and functions designed for fans of this type of games. It has great design, ergonomics and performance, and it is simply flawless. Mouse can only get warm recommendations.

Saitek Cyborg mice are very well-known not only among gamers, but also for those whom are not too familiar with this topic. R.A.T. mouse series is probably the most recognizable edition on the market and it is a mouse which every player would want. R.A.T. 7 model was released in two editions, and here comes a third edition designed for MMO fans games which are increasingly popular. Fortunately, manufacturer did not changed much of its functions, they kept all good elements and add some functions designed to improve performance in the MMO games. There is no doubt that this mouse will be one of the best we have ever tested, and that MMO version is a real treat for all MMO gamers. Slightly higher price will not be such a problem.

Key features
Very attractive but functional design
Changeable masks, balancing weights
High performance of highly accurate laser sensor
A couple of additional options for MMO games
Sensor: Laser, 25-6400dpi (in increments of 25dpi)
Interface: USB 2.0, 1000Hz pooling (it can be adjusted)
Number of keys: five plus scroll wheel
Optional: 50G acceleration, speed of 6m/s, five weights, 6 grams each, backlight

Saitek Cyborg M.M.O. 7 Gaming Mouse
This mouse looks really impressive and whoever use it for the first time could hide his or hers excitement. After a few minutes of testing, we saw that ergonomic design was most important for its designers. Back of a mouse (area for hand) and little finger rest on the right side can be changed (you will receive total of three masks of different sizes and textures), so that everyone can choose the combination that suits best for their needs. In addition, part of the left side for thumb rest can be moved back and forth, so it is very easy to find optimum position. To do this, you must remove hex key that is cleverly placed through small weights, with jagged metal wheel on top. There are five oval weights available, 6 grams each, and it can be easily mounted. You will get a plastic box of weights so it is not possible to lose them. When you set up everything, mouse perfectly fits in the hand, both for claw and palm users.

If we start from the back, we see that there is a metal scroll roller on the left, standard two thumb keys on the left side, and three additional keys (3-position MMO mode switch, 2-position MMO shift) and special 5D key. With a total of thirteen programmable keys, this provides a really impressive features with seventy eight commands. On the top, we have standard two mouse buttons, two additional Lock keys that enable continuous clicks without pressing buttons, DPI switch for changing mouse resolution, Mode button to change active profile, LED lighting and special additional key which can be pressed with ring finger, on the right side. Scroll wheel are similar as previous models and it works extremely well, and it is also interesting that cable is asymmetrically positioned. Of course, it is a braided cable, which is protected from damaging. When you get used to number of keys, there is a Cyborg ST software available to adjust mouse settings and mapping functions and macros, which is really impressive and everybody who loves to customize mouse settings will love it.

This mouse has ‘Twin-Eye’ laser sensor with very high precision up to 6400dpi, and it can be adjusted from 25DPI in steps of 25DPI, which is really impressive. Features of mouse performance place it at the top of a list of mice which you can find on the market, and there is nothing to add except that the Cyborg MMO 7 Gaming Mouse deserves highest ratings and recommendation for all those who will not spare money to get the best MMO mouse available.


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