• Razer Imperator Review

Razer Imperator is new mouse from Razer company. Imperator is a mouse which has great ergonomic design, and great performance thanks to 5600dpi laser sensor which is currently the best you can find on the market.

Razer has strengthened its position as one of the leaders in gaming peripherals industry designed for PC gamers. In the past, we have seen a large number of Razer mice and keyboards, and conclusion is always the same – it is top quality hardware with great functions which shows that engineers though about every detail and that gamers had major role when it comes to design. Imperator is one of newer models and it goes one step closer in better ergonomic design. This mouse is one of the more advanced on the market, and although price is not very friendly, we know that players are willing to spend more money if product is worth it.

Razer Imperator key features
Latest gaming laser sensor, up to 5600dpi
Integrated memory to save all settings
Exceptional performance
Advanced ergonomic design
Sensor: 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Laser Sensor
Interface: USB Full
Number of keys: 7
Features: 200 inch/s, 50G, 1ms response time, 1000Hz polling rate
Additional: Zero-acoustic Ultraslick Teflon feet, Razer Synapse build-in memory

This mouse is one of the most compact Razer models, and it still has very similar design as previous models and gamers love this design very much. It is made of highly durable plastic which is glossy on the side, and we didn’t like it. Shape is adjusted for right-handed players and it fits perfectly in the hand, although it can easily happen that does not match for those who want to play with larger mice. We noticed that thumb side keys are very thin, but you can adjust their position with a slider located on the bottom of the mouse. There is a small recess for the thumb, which reduces fatigue over extended play.

Mouse uses thicker cable with a protective sleeve which Razer recently introduced and it will prolong cable life cycle. Interface is a full-speed USB, which means that it has 1000Hz pooling rate with response of 1ms. Sensor has a resolution of 5600 dpi, and these settings can be adjusted to five different values with two buttons behind the scroll wheel, and you can see active DPI value can be seen on the OSD. We liked option to adjust specific DPI value automatically when you start certain application or a game. Mouse has an integrated memory which can keep all settings, regardless of which computer mouse connected. On the back of a mouse, there is one Profile button for changing stored profiles for all the settings.

Because of superior laser sensor of latest generation, same as all other top Razer models, Imperator works fantastically fast, and we have no complaints about it. Ergonomics is also a very important thing, and this deserves very high ratings because designers worked hard to maintain a recognizable shape, but also improved ergonomics which will suit only for right-handed people. Finally, although this is not the most expensive Razer mouse in the offer, it is not cheap, but our opinion is that it is worth it.


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