• Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse is one of the best wireless mouse designed for gamers. It uses new Logitech optical sensor which is really great, with a lot of keys available and impressive handling options. This mouse deserves highest ratings and recommendation.

There is no need for too many words about Logitech since it is probably most famous manufacturer of gaming peripherals in the world. It has long tradition, a lot of epic models in the past, very good quality and frequently a bit higher price than competition. G602 Model is made for gamers and it is one of the latest wireless models available. For now, wireless mice are not very popular among high demanding players, and there are very few models who managed to succeed. Main reason for this is a fact that wirelessly transmitted speed are less than amount of information via good old USB 2.0 interface. However, long time has passed since first wireless gaming mice and there are few improved models available.

Key features
Very attractive design
A large number of keys available
Excellent performance
Sensor: Delta Zero optical, from 250 to 2.500 dpi
Autonomy: 250 hours/1440h (Performance / Endurance mode)
Keys: 12 + scroll wheel
Interface: Wireless, 20G acceleration

There is no doubt that Logitech designers worked very hard to build model which design fits very good into new G series. It is clear that it is designed for right-handed users, and that ergonomics is important part of its design since mouse fits comfortably in gamer’s hand and it remains comfortable even after longer use, especially because there is a rest area at on the left and it a bit higher than right side. Interesting fact is that it is made of different materials – keys and the front part was made of smooth plastic, back area for resting is rubberized with a ribbed texture, and sides are matted with a specific texture that is very pleasant to touch. Sides are usually rubberized, so it will remain to be seen which version fits better after longer use, especially for those who have sweaty palms.

In addition to two main keys on the top, there is rubberized and completely smooth scroll wheel (although we prefer pointy), behind which is a key to select Performance/Endurance mode, and between scroll wheel and this key is a hidden switch and small display which will be turned on (blue for Performance, green for Endurance) when settings are active. Keys located on the left side of the top left are labeled with G10 and G11, and this keys change DPI sensitivity by default. On the side, there are additional six keys with LED indicator which shows status of the battery. On the bottom, it has teflon feet for smooth movement on any surface, centrally placed optical sensor, On/Off button and cover with two AA batteries (batteries are included in the package). There is a miniature USB adapter too.

Software for setup is brilliant, and it has custom key settings (macros are also supported), and detailed settings ranging from 500 to 2500 dpi, with increments of 250dpi and five stored profiles. Mouse has an internal memory to keep all the settings, which is handy if you plan to use mouse on multiple computers. Wireless connection works without any problems and without interference, even if there are plenty of other wireless devices around it, and 3 meters distance signal remains strong. Besides excellent performance, we were impressed by high autonomy in Performance mode that goes up to 250 hours and even 1440 hours in Endurance mode, which is really great. If there is something that will convince players to use wireless mice, there is no doubt that this model is it.


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