• Mad Catz R.A.T. 9 Review

Most advanced Saitek Cyborg Mouse comes in a wireless version of a popular RAT 7 model. After all things we have seen, it has two rechargeable batteries that provide excellent autonomy, and we can only conclude that the great performance are still available.

We know Saitek Cyborg peripherals very well, and they have top gaming mice, keyboards and other peripherals for quite some time. These products are exclusively designed for gamers and this is a fact. We finally get to test their best gaming mouse, RAT 9. To make things clear – this is practically a wireless version of R.A.T. 7 model. Nevertheless, this mouse will attract a lot of attention and it deserves it. It has pretty nice design, and this is not all, although it has a big impact on final ratings. Performance and customizations are excellent to. This mouse is not so cheap and available to most players, but we are convinced that many will not spare money to buy one.

Key features
Build of high quality materials, amazing design
Many options for adjusting mouse settings, both software and hardware
Laser sensor of high resolution
Weights for balancing, two batteries for non-stop playing
Sensor: Laser, 25-5600dpi (in increments of 25dpi)
Interface: Zero Latency 2.4Ghz Wireless
Number of keys: five plus scroll wheel
Optional: 50G acceleration, 6m/s tracking speed, five weights, 6 grams each, three restraints for pinky finger, Wireless Receiver/Recharge Dock

This mouse design is identical as whole R.A.T. series. Metal body (which is not too heavy), very futuristic look and plenty of options for customization. We will take a look in the package related equipment, where you get alot of spare parts. Main idea is to customize mouse to the user as maximum as possible, and this is achieved with most comfortable top and side plastic part on which pinky finger leans, or the part that follows lines of the hand (there are three add-ons). Unfortunately, this is all customized exclusively for right-handers. To make things more interesting, left side can be moved in all four directions to make hand position more natural, and therefore more enjoyable. What does this actually mean? Fact is that this mouse requires a lot more time to adjustment than regular mouse, but user gets a reward with exceptional ergonomics.

You also get original battery charger in the package. Mouse is wireless and uses special Li-Ion battery and two batteries are included in the package. Batteries have cylindrical shape and are placed horizontally in the charger. The good news is that it is easy to put batteries on and off, and autonomy last 4 days average. or nine hours of intensive use. Since there is always one battery in the charger, you should not worry about whether battery will get empty or not. At first glance, although not visible, there is a special cartridge with weights (which is mounted on a mouse when unrolled), which has cylindrical shape. There are five weights, 6 grams each, and their role is to balance weight of a mouse and to adapt mouse to the user. With some experimentation, it is easy to get optimal weight.

Mouse uses extremely precise laser sensor up to 5600 dpi, and its resolution can be changed ad-hoc from 25 to 5600dpi, in steps of 25DPI. User has five fully programmable keys, and we should mention that there are three Cyborg modes or profiles that are also very easy to activate. This mouse use ST Programming software as same as previous R.A.T. Models and software has impressive options available. We really liked the scroll wheel, which is also made of metal, and it is rubberized and pointy central part. Mouse has large PTFE “Slick” feet which allows low coefficient of friction between the mouse and surface, and it produces fast and smooth use.


This mouse costs about 130 ?, which is not low price for a mouse, but is this price too high? Definitely not. R.A.T. 9 is one of the most advanced mouse on the market and because of this it deserves warmest recommendation. Yes, it would be nice to cost less, but good products are always expensive. For wireless gaming mouse, it is simply flawless, except the fact that you must be patient until you set everything up properly. After that, you will be able to enjoy its superb performance and design that will sure attract a lot of attention.


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