• SteelSeries Sensei Review

Excellent mouse which belongs to the most advanced series that can be purchased. List of options and technology is long, but it is enough to say that it has special integrated 32-bit ARM processor that has a function to perform all calculations instead of a computer, eliminating the need to install drivers and additional software.

SteelSeries in its software has a mouse that can hardly leave anyone indifferent. Without much exaggeration, Sensei mouse is everything that most demanding players would want. Although it may not seem as attractive as some other gaming models, this mouse will blow away most competitors without any problems. Price is slightly higher than most people would give for gaming mouse, but once again, this mouse is not for most people, but only for players who want the best. We are pretty sure that those who tried this mouse were stop looking for any other model. Maybe this kind of praise sounds somewhat pretencious, but all tests and critics are saying that this is really one of the best and most advanced mice so far.

SteelSeries Sensei key features
Superb quality
Powerful optical sensor in combination with the ARM processor of 32 bytes
Very detailed adjustments
Stunning performance
Sensor: Optical, Counts Per Inch (CPI 1-5700)
Interface: USB, 1000Hz pooling
Keys: 8 + scroll

SteelSeries Sensei
At first glance, we see quite a stylish design and dimensions of 125.2×68.3×38.7 mm, with a weight of 102g, which means it belongs to something bigger mice but not too difficult. The shape of the mouse is not anatomically, but it’s nice rounded top side, so it is very nice in the hand. We note that it is completely symmetrical, so lefties will not be deprived of this great mouse. The entire top surface is metallized and very pleasant to the touch, and the back side we see a manufacturer’s label behind which is hidden backlight. And Scroll wheel and special status light on top of the the lights on, and it can be adjusted as desired (available to 16.7 million colors). This is especially convenient since with specific profiles and sensitivity can join and colors, so that users can easily know what is active. The sides of the mouse are of course rubberized, so it firmly in your hand and when the hands get wet and do not slip during prolonged use.

Externally, we can see two standard mouse buttons on the top, scroll wheel, DPI switch a special triangular shape and two side buttons on each side, for a total of eight programmable keys, which should most be enough. On the bottom we see that we have three Teflon feet high surface area, which provides a very smooth movement on all surfaces, centrally mounted sensor, and a small LCD display (which is really something we have not seen so far on the mouse), which is used for setting parameters mouse without any driver installation or additional programs, which is great. Of course, for those who will use the mouse in one place and who are looking for maximum customization, there is the SteelSeries Engine software. What is most important is inside the mouse, which is 32-bit ARM processor (which is as big as what the original Pentium) and who has the task of complicated calculations and technologies such as ExactSens (sensitivity adjustment in steps of one of the 1-5700), ExactAim (slowdown in sight), ExactAccel (accelerating movement of the mouse) done directly on the mouse, without having to use a computer for it. It is interesting that although the hardware resolution 5700dpi mouse, because of the powerful processor it in practice doubles.


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