• Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 Contagion Review

Another excellent mouse from R.A.T. series is in front of you! This is improved version of model 7. This is a mouse for professional gamers which need to adjust every single detail according to their needs, from ergonomics to mouse functions. As a cherry on top, it has new 6400 DPI laser sensor.

Mad Catz is a name well known among gamers, because it is manufacturer with good tradition and excellent reputation when it comes to gaming peripherals. New revision of popular R.A.T. 7 model was presented recently, and it is named Contagion. Besides different color, this mouse use newest high resolution laser sensor, which is a proof that manufacturer managed to improve already excellent model. We think that previous sensor of 5600DPI was good enough, but 6400DPI is definitely enough even for highest demanding gamers who don’t want to make a compromise.

Key features
Extremely attractive design
Laser sensor of high accuracy of 6400DPI
Impressive ergonomic adjustment
Great perfomance
Sensor: Laser, 25-6400dpi (in increments of 25 dpi)
Interface: USB 2.0, 1000Hz pooling (it can be adjusted)
Number of keys: five plus scroll wheel
Additional: 50G acceleration, 6m/s tracking speed, five weights, 6 grams each.

We doubt that any of R.A.T. gaming series will leave people indifferent, design is very unique and totally original. R.A.T. 7 Contagion edition keeps this proven formula for success, and it can be purchased in silver and white color, which looks even more attractive than previous black one. In the package, you will get two additional adapters for thumb and little finger rest, so that every gamer can adjust mouse according to his or her needs. That is not all – you also get cartridge with five weights, 6 grams each, and weights can be put in the middle of mouse. Weights are round, with a whole in the middle area.

We can see that there is special hex key which can be recognized by metal pointy part at the back side, and there is bearing for weights underneath. With this key, you can adjust thumb rest angle, while little finger and thumb rest can be moved front and back. The total length of the mouse can also be adjusted with hex key, so it can be very easy adjusted to method of holding a mouse or claw grip, as well as the habits and size of a hand. Body of a mouse is normally made of metal and it runs very well, except that it is not too heavy. It can be connected to a computer with USB white cable which is resistant to damage due to prolonged use.

Mouse has standard two mouse keys, DPI switch key below the scroll wheel, Mode button to change active profile located at index finger, red Precision Aim key on the left side of the mouse which changes DPI resolution, as well as two regular thumb keys. Scroll wheel is massive and made of metal, with a toothed rubber. Finally, it has thumb scroll metal toothed roller which increase an impressive number of options for this mouse. Although it is made up of many parts, the mouse is surprisingly robust, and seems it is impossible to break someting, even after falling on the floor. On the bottom, mouse has four feet of material that allows smooth and fast movement of a surface, and we see that the sensor is located centrally, so you will not need to take much to get used to mouse characteristics.

For all settings of a mouse, there is ST Programming software available and you can adjust every single detail, from custom DPI resolution values and functions of all keys, up to speeding up and some pretty rare exotic features. It is possible to memorize three Cyborg profiles with different settings, so the mouse can be nicely pre-configured for different games. New 6400 DPI sensor is great and works very fast, but no one who already had a mouse with 5600DPI laser sensor will be eager to replace it with this one. However, we need to give this mouse maximum rate and recommendation because there are not many models on the market that can compete with this model.


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  1. Randy Gobell says:

    I own this and have had tracking issues like so many others, as well as usb wire in cable breaking. Some have said this has a optical sensor, I thought it was laser! Can you tell name & number of sensor? Is it a Phillips something or Pixart 9800 or PMW 3330/60/66?

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