• Razer Taipan Review

This is a mouse that many users will want for themselves, because it is a model that is among the fastest on the planet. It is completely symmetrical and fits perfectly for left-handed persons, and although it has not an attractive design as most other Razer models, it will be a great choice for all types of games.

We are certain that there is no player who did not heard of Razer before, because this is a company which manufacture some of the best gaming peripherals in the world. Although we thought they will lack of ides to name their mice, it turned out that there are many snakes available, and here comes Razer Taipan. Although it does not look that dangerous (although every snake looks dangerous to someone), Taipan is one of the most poisonous and fastest snake, so we expected that this mouse is one of the fastest we have ever tried. With precision of 8400DPI, this certainly will not be a problem, especially as it does not have only interpolated resolution, but also good hardware. What also attracts attention (in addition to its price of almost ?100) is that this mouse is made to fits left-handed persons, who usually can’t find good anatomically shaped mice.

Razer Taipan key features
Compared to other Razer mice, Taipan looks a bit unpresentable
High accuracy, with combination of optical and laser sensors to 8400DPI
Symmetrical shape, it can be used by left-handed people
Sensor: 8200dpi 4G Dual Sensor System (optical and laser)
Dimensions: 15.3 x 6.3 x 12.4 cm
Keys: 9 + scroll
USB 2.0, Ultrapooling 1000Hz (1ms response)

Unlike most Razer mice which we have had a chance to see, this model is very different visually. If you like mice of attractive design, this may not be perfect choice, but we liked its elegant look and stealth design in black matte color, with inevitable famous shade of green which glows on the scroll wheel and logo on the back(intensity of backlight decreases when mouse is lifted). Mouse is made of high quality plastic which has a soft-touch finish, it is made of special material that leaves no fingerprints. Whether and how much Razer Taipan is ergonomically designed is questionable, but fact is that, although there are no curved lines, it fits very nice in the hand. It suits well both for left and right handers, as it is completely symmetrical. It is made of high quality material and there are not many other manufacturers with this level of finish.

USB cable is coated with a protective layer which guarantees durability and resistance to damaging after intense use. Mouse has two side panels with rubber areas which provide a very solid grip, so we believe it can’t happen to slip when hands get sweaty. With a weight of 132 grams, it is very light and, thanks to the large feet, glides over any surface without resistance. Besides two standard keys, there are two more behind scroll wheel for DPI sensitivity settings, while on each side we have two additional keys. Scroll wheel is wide and centrally located with rubber belt and a texture which stick to finger easily, and also very accurate. There are two sensors underneath (both optical and laser), which together achieve impressive 8200DPI resolution, with an acceleration of 50G (200 inch/s).

Razer Synapse 2.0 software is used to adjust settings, and it offers an impressive level of details that can be changed, starting with the calibration and mouse acceleration on each axis, and even defining and storing macros for different keys. If not the best, this software is certainly among the best three models used for adjust mouse settings. Taipan is really amazing, and although it will not seem so interesting at first glance, it is one of the fastest mouse on the planet, made to last longer and provide excellent results no matter what game you are playing. It is not cheap, but if you have money, it deserves warm recommendation.


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