• CM Storm Xornet Review

Here is another gaming mouse from Cooler Master Storm series, and it is dedicated to all gamers who wish to enjoy their games to the max. Mouse has excellent performance and attractive design, and it is made of very high quality materials. Price is good and if you don’t have high demands, this mouse is excellent choice.

Storm is Cooler Master product line dedicated to gamers. We already had a chance to see mice from this series, and we know we can expect high quality and great performance with affordable price. Xornet belongs to mice series that don’t have any mind-blowing specifications. Instead of this, manufacturer focused on performance which players know to appreciate. CM Storm Xornet is a mouse with optical sensor, and most players don’t need more than 2000 DPI.

Key features are:
– Quality design
– Great performance
– Affordable price

Sensor: 2000 DPI Storm Tactical Optical Sensor (Speed is 160 IPS, 23g acceleration)
Interface: USB, 1000Hz pooling
Keys: 7 plus scroll
Optional: 8Kb memory installed

Xornet’s dimensions are 107 x 75 x 35 mm, which means it belongs to medium size category with wider side, and this is great news for all those gamers who want to use mouse with whole hand. Construction is very solid and firm, and although it is made of matted plastic, it looks pretty safe to use and it can withstand rough and intense usage. The sides of the mouse are made of rubber with perforated texture, which is here to prevent slipping and it provides better handling. The good thing is that the upper keys are filled with a thin layer of rubber, and it feels nice to touch it. On the top of a mouse, we see a big label tag which goes pretty well with a nice design and it looks unique and original, so we can’t say that Xornet resembles to any other mice.

Besides two standard mouse buttons on the top, we have a scroll wheel made of rubber, it is very well positioned, and two keys for changing DPI settings are located behind it. What you should know is that the functions of these two keys are locked, and you don’t have to install driver for it. Mouse has two additional buttons on the left, and there is a total of seven keys with scroll wheel. There are two feet at the bottom with large areas that provide fast movement on all surfaces, as well as the Storm Tactical Optical sensor that has a precision up to of 2000 DPI. DPI can be changed in ranges of 500 DPI, 1000 and 2000 DPI. Mouse can connect to computer with USB cable which is two meters long, with the 1000 Hz pooling.

CM Storm Xornet is a mouse that does not have a lot of extraordinary options, but it is made of good quality materials and it is a mouse with the latest generation of optical sensor up to 2000DPI, which supports Anti-Drift technology that prevents movement of the cursor when the mouse is moved around. All together, mouse has excellent performance, affordable price and attractive design. There are many models on the market, so choice will not be easy, but we assure you that Cooler Master Storm models, although relatively new, have a lot to offer.


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