• SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Legendary Edition Review

While you may order called the mice in the title does not seem logical at first ball, though there is some sense. So first things first given under the magnifying first two rodent, very famous names that allude to not write strives to hand gamers who spend their lives in virtual worlds Warcraft and Diablo. Let it who has not heard of the same will get a reward! The joke, but really a world teeming with the memorial Warcraft Azeroth and especially the new sequel Diablo and behold – sprout products signed the mega names like mushrooms after rain.

SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse [Legendary] Edition, poof – pant how long the full name of the product, it will certainly become an object of desire MMO addicts, especially WoW fans of the series. This is now the third edition of WoW gaming mice, under the title “Legendary” sounds like a must-have product and the font or font colors additionally attracts attention because it coincides with the real from the game.

On the front of the pack like a book highlights the images literally legendary in its full glory lightning and logos WoW and with blurred background map of Azeroth. Name [Legendary] was also printed in a font WoW with brackets and contributes to the impression of packaging that opens like a book cover. Inside there is an introductory chapter and you can see the mouse. Here we see a few calls of playing teams that have contributed to the design of the mouse which is a common form of cooperation in the design of SteelSeries products. The back side contains instructions and main features [Legendary] mouse. Seeing admirable packaging and specifications, we can conclude that the SteelSeries really bothered to meet the players. The interior includes an optical wired USB rodent, several propaganda leaflets and labels SteelSeries.

Dimensions are 115 x mouse 81 X 40 mm (length in width x height) and weight of 115 grams. The hand seems a little too short, even for a half-claw housing, which requires a certain amount of time getting used to and is somewhat wider than we are accustomed to mice. This width is proved ideal because it supports the thumb and one finger or two on the other side and resting his hand so long for WoW session. Scroll wheel is located right in the middle of the front of the mouse, and is used as a one-click. On both sides of the wheel there is an extra button to scroll back and settled another slightly larger button. It has four programmable buttons to scroll a zone. But that’s not all – on both the raised side of the mouse are remaining programmable buttons. On the left side of the landing area of ??the thumb are four buttons – two horizontal and two vertical laid flat.

It’s a little harder to reach the front of the two vertical button without moving the hand from the mouse no other readily available. Two vertical keys for attention to them in the heat of battle you do not accidentally press it can distract but we will not complain, because we can not imagine where else would put all the keys – we should be happy with their quantity, and after a long use routinely will avoid unwanted typing. On the right-hand fingers on the landing there is another programmable button which gives a total of 11 programmable buttons – will be enough for WoW!

Chassis mouse does not bring anything special, dominated by two large rear and a small ceramic sliding surfaces at the front, which ensures good sliding surface. There is also SteelSeries logo, and in the center is watching optical sensor of 3200 dpi / cpi (h: cpi = counts-per-inch or dots per inch) or the equivalent figure is closer to 8200 dots per inch – impressive precision. The most impressive experience is definitely a power-on indicator flashes when the mouse WoW logo that can be set to any of the 16.8 million color shades, really wooooow, a useful example. assign each color settings (C profile) currently used by the possible ten, for example. the warrior, shaman, and so on. In addition to WoW logo impressive graphics and lightning, and together evoke the subject of WoW sage – a sword called Thunderfury who was apparently the inspiration for the theme SteelSeries MMO Legendary Edition mouse.

A magnificent upper surface is slightly harder affects as side buttons smooth surface, especially if your fingers are not completely clean, and one passing fingers through his hair or the skin and holding the mouse will not be ideal. The same smooth surface lovers are taking the prints, but the overall impression is that quality materials were used and the impression of quality and great looks. Left and right mouse button have a major depressions at fingertips, and seek something stronger pressure to respond but it is subjective – depending on the habits.

Software continues to emphasize its appearance commitment Legendary Edition MMO mouse WoW series. The interface is made in the same shades of color and font that was reminiscent of the saga, and there are in each case the name of the mouse, and World of Warcraft address that is not ignorant of what we hold in your hand. The interface is simple and organized everything is available from the initial window. It is possible to agree on ten profiles depending on the desired properties, color and luminance of WoW logo and functions of the mouse buttons, a profile as possible and assign your WoW characters from the game itself. It is very convenient because the actual characters, their names, the level (C level) and region (h: realm) appear in the profiles of the software image and likeness, so you do not need to memorize ten combinations of colors and characters, who does not want or can not. The window for the award function keys (h: Button Assignment) is an indication of pressed buttons on the mouse so there is no confusion, and consists of four menu – control of the game, CPI settings, switch profiles and macro commands.

Menu “on the game” has seven drop-down menus through which adjusts the movement, chat, strip for action, targeting the menu bar, view (camera), screen capture, sound volume, and so on. CPI menu offers a choice of factory presets precision optical scanner 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 cpi, and the same can be changed on the fly here if you assign keys for this function. It is commendable that a choice of 400 cpi / dpi and 3200 cpi / dpi because in most mice, here we find the lower sensitivity of 800 dpi or a peak of about 2000 dpi.

Menu switching profile works as CPI menu so here set the keys that will serve this purpose. Macro commands are not factory complex, but we need them ourselves “programmed” by stacking a series of moves or hotkey commands and recording at the end of pressing the Enter key by default. As with most things, and this can be adjusted to personal preferences – best to have a go and see what suits you. Window with the mouse (h: Mouse Properties) located on the left side of the main screen interface allows you to select a few basic settings – initial CPI profile, response speed to double-click, and scrolls the mouse pointer and the sensitivity of X and Y – axis, and so on. In the bottom of the main screen interface provides a menu to adjust the lighting effects (h: Illumination Settings) WoW logo – glowing orbs. Set to be the strength, color, period brightness settings low, medium and high, and there is also the possibility of complete exclusion of illumination. Of course you’ll Legendary Edition MMO mouse can be used equally with a little adjustment and adaptation in other MMO and other types of games.


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