• Roccat Lua Review

This is very interesting new mouse from Roccat company. Roccat Lua has compact dimensions and layouts looks really miniature if it is in hand of a big person. Its performance is great thanks to 2000 DPI optical sensor, and good news is that will perfectly suit for left handers.

Roccat is a company which got good reputation in the category of gaming peripherals in really short time, and this is not an easy task because competition is really hard. So far, We have seen couple of Roccat mice and, besides uniform design, all models share excellent performance in such a way that we were so anxious to try Lua edition, their latest mouse. Although Roccat mice are not cheapest on the market, when you try all its features you will not complain about a price at all. There are many users whom are not professional players, but they still want to purchase latest edition of a mouse and Lua seems like a great choice.

Roccat Lua key features
Very attractive design, it depicts Roccat visual identity
Excellent quality
Great performance
Sensor and resolution: Pro Optic R2, 250-2000DPI
Interface: USB 2.0, 1000Hz pooling rate
Keys: four + scroll wheel
Additional: 20G acceleration, maximum speed of 60 ips, LED backlight

Roccat Lua
This mouse fits perfectly into standard Roccat identity: black mat plastic, slightly sharp corners, engraved manufacturer’s logo. Although it may at first glance this mouse does not look attractive as some models from other manufacturers, we liked its design very much, especially because same idea flows through all Roccat’s models giving them a recognizable look. What we can say is that although plastic looks regular, it is made of high quality materials, with great final touch, and general impression of mouse quality is overall great. With its dimensions of 6.4 cm x 11.5 cm and weight of 70 grams, it represents one of the smallest Roccat mice on the market, so it is probably better for those who practice claw still style. Mouse connects with a computer with 1.8 meters long cable with USB connector.

The mouse is perfectly symmetrical and without side thumb buttons, and this is great news for left-handed players who rarely have a chance to find quality mouse not adapted only for right-handed persons. Sides of the mouse are coated with No-Sweat material which prevents sweating and slipping, which sometimes can spoil game play. Mouse has a very attractive (Arctic Blue LED) backlights with manufacturer’s logo on the back, but it is not too bright. On the top the mouse, two large standard mouse buttons are placed, very quality and wide scroll wheel and a special key to change DPI sensitivity while you play. Unfortunately, there is no visible active DPI settings, but this does not have to be huge issue. On the bottom of a mouse, sensor and a two feet are located, which ensure smooth and fast moving across any surface.

Base of the mouse is great optical sensor (Pro Optic R2) which can run on resolution of 250-2000dpi, and it can be customized in seven optional steps. Software for adjusting mouse settings looks fantastic and we already saw it earlier, and users will be able to adjust and set operating parameters of the mouse, and to adapt mouse according to their needs. Finally, this mouse deserves good ratings and you only have to note that it has really small dimensions, and this is important when you buy new mouse.


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