• SteelSeries Kana Review

Excellent mouse of SteelSeries company which combines simple design with great performance. It uses top quality gaming sensor of high-resolution which enables left-handed people to use it, very simple settings and a price that puts this mouse in a most popular gaming models.

SteelSeries company, in cooperation with players, created another interesting mouse that is made for players whose budget is limited. We know that gaming peripherals know to be very expensive, but it does not mean that you can’t find anything interesting for decent money, and SteelSeries Kana mouse is the best proof of this. While exterior may sometimes be misleading, this is a fully fledged gaming mouse with great features and performance, with great functions for affordable price. This is maybe not the most attractive gaming mouse on the market, but it can be compared with the best models in the offer.

SteelSeries Kana key features
Sensor of high precision, up to 3200DPI
Symmetrical shape which suits all users
Great performance
Pretty good price
Sensor: Optical, Counts Per Inch (CPI 400-3200)
Interface: USB, 1000Hz pooling
Keys: 3 + scroll

SteelSeries Kana
This mouse is a medium sized with dimensions of 37x64x124mm and weight of only 72 grams, which by dimensions can be clasified between Kinzu and Sensei models of same manufacturer. It does not looks too interesting from outside, and seems that SteelSeries choose no-nonsense approach without any redundant functions, and it has pretty simple case made of black plastic with orange lines. Top area is coated with a rubberized material, and this allows for mouse to stand in hand tightly without slipping. Back of the mouse has recognizable manufacturer’s logo, which is surrounded by the dominant black color, and interesting fact is that there is an offer of white version of the mouse with gray accents.

On the top, mouse has two large standard mouse keys, large scroll wheel, as well as one additional key behind it, which has a function to change DPI precision while game is played. Default values for this key are 800 and 3200 DPI, the values which are most often used in tournaments, but of course, you can adjust it in the software for setup and it can be changed easily. Mouse has large side key on both left and right side, and it is completely symmetrical, it fits perfectly for left-handed people and right-handers. Cable has lenght of 2 meters and it has protective layer which prevents delay and seems quite resistant to damage after intensive use. Underneath a mouse we can see a centrally positioned sensor and three UPE Teflon feet which provide smooth motion over any surface.

Mouse has a backlight that glows “through” scroll wheel and bottom side, and users can add, along with predefined profiles, intensity of light, so they will know which profile is activated. Performance of the mouse is excellent and sensor works very accurate and fast, so we can only say that it suits great for most demanding users who look for a good mouse with affordable price. Although price of ?50 is not too low, when we compare it with average player models, SteelSeries Kana is one of affordable mice.


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