• Razer Ouroboros Review

The story of Ouroboros, in many ways the most interesting gaming mouse in Razer’s recent history, began in 2009. That year this device still didn’t have its name or form, but it existed as a concept. Razer wanted to produce symmetrical mouse equipped with the most modern optical system, adaptable to all sizes of hand and all styles of holding, but also unconstrained by wire. In terms of design, as role models were taken Lamborghini Reventon and Batmobile ? nothing more or less. After many researches and experiments, Razer has recognized three key parameters for the ergonomics of the mouse: body length, height of the rear portion and construction of side panels. After that only thing left to do was to figure out the way how to make them adjustable.

On the throne
Even before you take it first time in your hands, Ouroboros will convince you that it is unusual piece of gaming hardware. It is delivered in the big box made of transparent plexiglass, in which it is, like some luxurious sports car, fixed on sloping stand. That stand isn’t there just for decoration, but inside of it ? which you’ll understand after unpacking ? there is small base station where you put you Ouroboros when you want to charge it. On that base station he’s also standing diagonally, so the effect of uniqueness and luxury stays even when you transport it from attractive box to your work surface.

Battery and wire
It is wireless mouse whose power supply uses single NiMH battery, or regular AA battery available in every store ? if, for some reason, you don’t want to use attached rechargeable battery. However, battery needs to be inserted inside mouse and it gives him total mass of 140 grams. By taking battery out, that mass can be reduced to only 110 grams, which is in domain of extremely controllable mice for the fastest first-person shooting games. How does it work without battery? Simple ? it powers itself through a USB cable, which is, in that case, unplugged from base station and connected to the mouse. Even though Ouroboros’ performances in wireless mode are so good that only the most hardcore gamers would feel lag of one millisecond, if it bothers you, it’s good to know that with the simple procedure you can turn wireless mouse to wired one. Connecting to wire can also be used in the case battery is empty and you’re still not ready to finish the game ? in such case battery will charge itself during time you’re playing. Charging of empty batter lasts four hours until it’s 90% of the maximum capacity, and four hours more to maximum 100%. That means that after you go sleep, device will wait for you charged and ready for mayhem, even if you don’t sleep for recommended eight hours.

The power of adjustment
Even though Ouroboros is not first mouse whose shape can be modified ? we can think of MadCatz’ models Cyborg R.A.T 5, R.A.T 7 and R.A.T 9 – Ouroboros approaches this problem in very elegant and intelligent way.
First and the most important ? side panels. Mouse is manufactured with wide sides with clearly highlighted places to land your thumb, or ring finger or little finger, and inside package are also delivered narrow and rough sides intended for gamers which don’t hold their mouse with full hand. Lateral sides are built on magnetic mounts, so with a little more vigorously drag, you can take them off their place and replace them. Of course, none forces you to use them in pairs. For example, if you want to have thumb landing place, and other side completely flat, you will simply combine wide and narrow sides.

Key features

  • Appearance
  • Precise laser sensor
  • Adjustable to hand


  • Not the best ergonomics, low height
  • Shaky rear part

Ouroboros’ sides have one more unique feature ? they can be pressed same as a key. Thereby, that press is used as temporary lowering of optical resolution on low value, therefore drastically lowering the speed of mouse pointer. Idea is that this functionality will be used in the moments when it is needed to precisely aim target while using high sensitivity by default. All of it can be turned off if it is not needed. If we turn mouse upside down, we will see two sliders with pictogram marks of a padlock. – each of them is used to lock corresponding side panels.
Second characteristic of ergonomics ? length of the mouse ? is modified by pressing a button on its bottom side and after that, whole rear part of device, mounted on a sort of rails with cogwheels, is pushed backwards and distanced from main keys. In tight condition Ouroboros is 125 mm long, and when it’s maximally extended, its length increases to 140 mm.

As for the height of the rear part, it is adjusted by spinning the metal wheel on the rear side of the mouse. When it is totally lowered, rear part of the Ouroboros is on the 10 mm height from mouse pad. After we completely raise it, its height is around 24 mm. Simple, practical and functional above all.

It is hard to speak about the ideal combination of the length, height and type of the side buttons, but exactly this is charm of this mouse ? everyone can adjust it, so it fits the best. All three available modifications of his shape are made very well and completely usable, so Razer’s longtime vision has been successful.


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