• Razer Abyssus 2010 Review

Another mouse from Razer company is here. Although this mouse doesn’t belong to family of poisonous snakes, it belongs to a completely new generation of peripherals that delivers basic functionality, high performance and very good price. This mouse has no competition since you can’t find better mouse for that price.

Razer controllers are very popular among the players since it is one of the most advanced gaming peripherals money can buy. After a whole series of top class mice and excellent peripherals, we tested something completely different. It it difficult to find a quality gaming mouse for this price, and we got here basic model made of high quality materials and precision, which borrows many features of far more expensive models from multiple categories. What Razer did is a great idea – they made less complex mouse for a wider range of users, while basic functions, such as performance remain as same as those of well-known models. After all, gamers don’t have more money than average costumers, and mouse is basic gadget for playing games.

Razer Abyssus key features
Distinctive and attractive design
Excellent quality
Superb performance
Good price
Sensor: 3500dpi Razer Precision 3.5G infrared
Interface: USB Full (1000Hz Ultrapolling/1ms response)
Number of keys: 3 and scroll wheel
Features: 16-bit ultra-wide data path, 60-120 inch/s, 15G acceleration, 1ms response time, 1000Hz pooling rate
Additional: switches to adjust the precision and response

First thing we noticed is that name of this model is not related to poisonous snakes, and this is perhaps announcement of new generation of Razer peripherals. All in all, design is well known and it is someting that used to see at Razer. The mouse is completely symmetrical and as there are no side buttons, it can without any problem to use a left-handed and right-handed users. Finishing is very good, and the entire top of the mouse was made of plastic and rubber, so it is perfect for a hand and it prevents slipping. Although it is very light, its quality is excellent and it does not look fragile. It fits perfectly in hand and it slides very well on the surface thanks to Ultraslick Teflon feet. There are only two buttons plus stanadard skroll wheel which is pointy and rubbed and it works very well. For connection to a computer, it uses USB interface and cable of 2 meters length, which is always useful.

Although it can not be seen from outside, it is identical to DeathAdder 3500 from inside. Specifically, it uses same infrared sensor with resolution up to 3500 DPI, 16b interface (average models use 8b interface), with maximum speeds of 239 inch/s and 15G acceleration. Response is 1ms or 1000Hz pooling rate, and there is a switch on the back of the mouse that changes pooling by 125Hz, which is common value of this parameter in the most models of mice. As for the resolution, which is a maximum of 3500DPI, there is a button on the back of the mouse next to the switch for Pooling rate which adjusts precision and specific values are 450DPI, 1800DPI and 3500DPI. While this may not be the most practical solution, it avoids confusion with drivers and additional keys. Because of all this, mouse performance are exactly the same as some more expensive models as additionally have more keys and a bit advanced options. Drift Control feature has a function to help when your want to draw straight line with a mouse, and that affects cursor’s movement and there are small deviations present.

As we expected, when mouse is connected to a computer, Razer logo will be illuminated with blue LED light inside, so there is no doubt who is manufacturer of the mouse. Software setup is as same as in previous Razer mice, with an absence of more advanced options which mouse does not supported. In any case, for ?40, we have a great gaming mouse with small number of disadvantages. While some gamers wish to have more keys available, we liked this minimalist philosophy. Mouse works very fast, it has great quality and great price. What else can you expect from gaming models?


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