• Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse is designed for MMO players and it has very specific design adjusted for these games only. This is due to the large number of keys (twenty in general). This is a mouse with top notch features with laser sensor that will easily withstand intensive use.

MMO games have been blossomed in recent years, and we know that there is a huge base of active MMO players, so it is not surprising that there are many peripherals on the market tailored exactly for these games. We have already seen some very interesting mice in this category, and it is turn for a Logitech G600 model test. At first glance, you can see why it is good for MMO games because it looks like a harmonica more than standard mouse with up to twenty keys available. If we add that it has built-in memory, with various profiles, it is clear that we have impressive number of possible commands and functions available. You will get superior laser sensor in the package, so it will definitely be a great mouse for any kind of games, not just for MMO games.

Key features
Made of hiqh quality materials
As many as 20 keys available
Top Laser Sensor
Great performance
Sensor and resolution: Laser (200-8200DPI), 11.25 MP/s, 30G, 160inch/s
Interface: USB 2.0, 1000Hz pooling
Keys: 20 + scroll wheel

With dimensions of 118mm x 75mm x 41mm and weight of 133 grams, this is not a small mice, and it suits the best for those who use whole hand for playing games. We immediately see that it is designed for right-handed people, and it is ergonomically designed, with special area for little finger at the right side. There are white/silver model available, and there is also completely black version. Mouse is made of quality materials, its plastic area looks very stable and not crunchy, and upper surface of the mouse is made in matte finish, and it fits perfectly in a hand. Mouse definitely does not has ordinary design, but common elements with other MMO mice visible, which is not surprising since manufacturer had to find a way to integrate so many keys.

On the left side, matrix of up to 12 keys is located, with three rows of four keys, with a backlight that can be adjusted. There are two standard buttons at the top, a rubbed scroll wheel with the ability to scroll horizontally, as well as two additional buttons for changing profiles and DPI values. On the bottom of the mouse, we have two huge feet which can withstand up to 250 kilometers and centrally positioned sensor. The keys or micro switches can withstand 20 million clicks. Cable length is 2 meters and it is coated with a protective layer for long lasting use, along with USB 2.0 interface and 1000Hz pooling.

Software for adjustment offers a number of options for setting macros and shortcuts, and there are three profiles which can be stored in its internal memory, so every setting will be saved even after connecting to another computer. Since it uses a top laser sensor whose resolution goes up to 8200DPI, it will be difficult to find any objection to work, since it works extremely fast and precise on all surfaces. This mouse is certainly not intended to just anyone, but there are more than enough options for MMO players who will probably be delighted.



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