• Corsair Vengeance M65 Review

Corsair Vengeance M65 is great gaming mouse devoted for those who love to play FPS games. It has aluminium body, balancing weights and ultimate laser sensor and this is good reason for highest ratings and warm recommendation. Price is a bit higher, but it is worth it.

Corsair is a company which didn’t become popular until recently, but things have changed and Vengeance series proves it. M65 model is first revolutionary mouse which brings something new and exciting with improved specifications, and it was released after M65 series. This is USB mouse with impressive specifications, designed especially for FPS gamers. It doesn’t have any spectacular, but it is very popular for its characteristics and attractive design. Its price is similar to other advanced gaming mice and competition is very tough to beat.

Key features
– Top laser sensor with 8200DPI resolution
– Balancing weights
– PTFE feet
– Independent sniper button

– Laser sensor 8200DPI
– Interface: USB 2.0, 1000Hz, 500Hz, 250Hz, 125Hz (1ms, 2ms, 4ms, 8ms)pooling
– Keys: 8 plus scroll wheel
– Optional: weights 3 x 5 grams

Mouse dimensions are 118 x 77 x 39 mm, and its weight is a maximum of 135 grams. Mouse is not small, and this is thanks to aluminium body, but its mass is small. It is designed for right handers who can lay whole hand on it, or they can use claw style control. There are Gunmetal Black, Arctic White and Military Green colours available. Top of a mouse is made of soft to touch plastics, which is good against fingerprint marks and really nice to touch, and sides are rough, which provides good control. It has very attractive design and you can see aluminium body below plastic armour. It has braided cable asymmetrically located, made of long lasting material, which is additional proof of high quality mouse.

There are two standard mouse buttons at the top, which can withstand up to twenty millions clicks, and amazing scroll wheel. Scroll wheel is a bit too large, with pointy rubberised central area, and there is LED light behind it. Beside scroll wheel, there are two keys for changing DPI settings, with three-part display with active DPI setting. On the left side, there are thumb buttons with forward and back functions, and Sniper button for precise aiming. There is flat aluminium plate with central sensor and five teflon feet, and balancing weights which can be added with a screwdriver.

Mouse performance is fantastic, and combination of maximum response speed of 1000Hz and state-of-the-art laser sensor up to 8200DPI with internal memory which can keep settings, is sufficient to put this mouse on the top of FPS models. Through control panel, you can adjust all its functions, and it can be downloaded from manufacturer’s website. There is no question that this is excellent mouse made of high quality materials with top performance and affordable price. Corsair deserves to be compared with most reputable brands of gaming peripherals.


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