• Logitech G500s Review

Logitech G500s Laser Gaming Mouse represents next generation of gaming mice. Design is similar as couple of successful previous models, but this one has most modern laser sensor, a special material from which upper part was made, there are balancing weights, and much more.

Logitech was one of the leading manufacturers of gaming hardware for many years and it has a tradition and good reputation that handfull manufacturers can reach. Their design is often copied, but functions are innovative and competition has difficulty to reach their quality. Logitech has won numerous awards and certainly stands as one of the brands with largest fan base. G series peripherals have special attention, and G stands for gaming. G500S Model is a new generation mouse and one of the best mouse on the market. At first glance, specifications show that this is really excellent mouse with affordable price.

Key features
Ergonomic shape and unique design
Superior laser sensor with resolution up to 8200dpi
1000Hz pooling rate
Balancing weights
Sensor: Laser 8200DPI
Interface: USB 2.0, 1000Hz
Keys: Ten + scroll wheel
Additional: 30G acceleration, speed of 165inch/s, 20MP/s

This mouse is a bit larger than 129.7 x 76 x 44 mm and it weights 170 grams without additional weights. There are twelve areas for six weights, and its weight is 1.7g and 4.5g, so you can adjust weight with different combinations. Balance and weight will depend upon their adjustment. This is tried method for balancing, and mouse is perfectly adapted to player’s needs. Mouse is black, with interesting patterns at the top, and it is made of plastic with special coating that prevents fingerprints marks and dirt. Mouse is really great in practice and its surface is quite comfortable.

Side panels are rubberized, and this prevents slipping from your hand. With its ergonomic design, mouse is very comfortable even after a long period of time, and it has special PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) feet which can withstand up to 250 kilometers, and to slide perfectly across any surface. Mouse has ten keys, and two of them are on the top. Mechanical switches can withstand 20 million clicks. Scroll wheel is well known from earlier models, and there is a key behind it with a Hyper Scroll mode function, which is handy for viewing multiple pages. We have two keys labeled with +/- on the top of a mouse, while there are three additional thumb keys on the side. On the left, there is LED DPI indicator that will help you to check when DPI setting is active. Sensor is at the bottom, along with special cartridge for weights.

If you want customized functions, you can use Logitech Gaming Software – it is perfectly implemented, so it will be very easy to set profiles, function buttons, DPI settings, as well as independent macro settings. All settings will be stored in the internal memory, and it will remain there even after changing the computer. With a 8200dpi sensor, this mouse is one of the fastest on the market and it is quite impressive. After spending some time to set its functions, you will get a mouse that would be a great choice for all kinds of games, and which can withstand a longer period of intensive use, which is supported with well protected braided cable. There is no doubt that Logitech has created another epic model that will be one of the most popular model in the future.


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