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What is DPI? Just a number or something really important if you like to play games? DPI is an abbreviation for dots per inch, the number of laser dots where you can see the movement of a mouse for one inch. In regards who many dots you see, mouse will move over exact amount of pixels on the screen to one inch. Reducing the DPI does not always affects speed reduction. If user increase DPI sensitivity, precision will not be on the same level and it depends of the game type when DPI sensitivity will be important or not. For example, if mouse has 800 DPI, and you move it for one inch,its cursor will move for 800 pixels.

dpi laser sensor razer deathadder

10,000 DPI laser sensor on Razer DeathAdder Chroma.

Is it important?
In recent years, manufacturers of gaming peripherals state that DPI sensitivity is one the most important thing you should consider when you buy a mouse. But, is this true? Does DPI sensitivity has anything to do with quality of a mouse? Answer is yes and no. DPI is just a measure of sensitivity and it cannot be analyzed without other mice specifications. Higher DPI sensitivity does not mean you will be more precise when you play games. If you explore professional gamers and the way how they play games, you will notice that they don’t use DPI value higher than 1,600. Although mice with higher DPI value detect movement better, do not choose what mouse you will buy by analyzing DPI settings only.

More DPI is better?
Mouse with high DPI value will be useful if you have high resolution screen. If you play game on a laptop with lower resolution, you don’t have to buy mouse with high DPI sensitivity. There is no universal answer to the question do you need to buy mouse with higher or lower DPI sensitivity. But, be aware that every value higher than 1,600 DPI value will be less useful.


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