Optical mouse smells a lot like year 1999. Optical mouse replaced ball mouse and this technology was revolutionary. It has a sensor, a very small camera with a goal to take pictures on the surface to detect mouse movement. Laser mice hit the scene in 2004, and everybody was mind blown with this incredible laser technology. But, is laser mouse really that better? We are not so sure. High quality optical mouse works on almost all surfaces except only glass, although some work on the glass too. It is better to take a good quality optical mouse than cheap laser mouse. Also, since the laser mouse is too sensitive, sometimes it takes a bit more getting used to it and its working mode, and a lot of people have problems to get used to the increased sensitivity.

laser or optical sensor

Razer Ouroboros uses both laser and optical sensors.

Main differences between laser and optical mice are: optical mice will not detect any movement if you lift it quickly above the surface; laser mice will have some difficulty to use over any type of surface because laser is more sensitive than optical mice; laser and optical mice are both accurate and precise, if you use them on both surface. Optical mice use LED pin to detect mouse movement, and laser mice use laser to do the same job. Laser mouse can be better, but it depends from manufacturer to manufacturer. So if this feature is important to you, see more specifications of both mice and if it fits your hand perfectly or not.

Actually, laser mice are optical mice, generally. Laser and optical sensors are more similar than most people think. They both use CMOS sensors to detect mouse movement, main difference is that laser has different wavelength, and it is a bit sensitive than optical mouse. No matter which mouse you choose to buy, be aware that both type of mice use same method to detect mouse movement.


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