• Top 10 Crypto Trading Terminals 2024: The Ultimate Trading Tools Revealed

Several software options serve expert traders in the investing market. But, if your trading aim is not just for fun purposes but also for generating revenue, choosing a terminal becomes important. It should match with your style and goals.

There are various functions in trading terminals, the user interface, and the range of instruments. Besides, they are available in mobile and desktop versions. For those actively engaged in trading, it’s significant to have instant access to all needed tools.

Top Cryptocurrency Trading Terminals List

1. BidsBee


Source: incrypted.com

Bidsbee is a platform that simplifies cryptocurrency trading by offering users a variety of tools and resources. From its user-friendly terminal to features like copy trading and signals, Bidsbee caters to both beginners and experienced traders. They prioritize security, ensuring all services are non-custodial, and emphasize building a supportive community around the platform.

2. 3 Commas

3Commas is one of the top-tier and advanced trading terminals. It’s a cloud-based platform where users can conveniently access it via mobile applications or browsers. The signup process of 3Commas is very easy and direct, you can begin with it by just following the minimum steps. However, it is popular for its advanced and creative services.

3. Altrady

It’s a crypto trading terminal based in the Netherlands offering a unique terminal that consolidates multiple exchanges into one. Beyond providing trading terminal services, Altrady is different as it provides several features and customization tools permitting traders to change their terminal as per their choices. Thus, being a user-friendly terminal, Altrady is mainly suggested to beginners who have entered the space of cryptocurrency trading.

4. TrailingCrypto

TrailingCrypto is a professional crypto trading terminal with the functionality of a signal service provider. It has around 25+ features that traders can leverage for automated purposes. Furthermore, it gives extra facilities for both businesses and day traders dealing in crypto. TrailingCrypto also puts focus on the security of user data via encryption which gives a 100% secure environment to traders.

5. Shrimpy


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Shrimpy is a well-established crypto trading terminal and a social trading platform as well. It came in 2018 with Michael McCarty as the current CEO. This platform can be taken as a portfolio manager with a range of services that help traders and investors. Besides, with Shrimpy, you can automate re-balancing, manually adjust allocations, and more. Furthermore, it has an easy-to-use platform that serves beginners and expert traders.

6. Coinigy

Coinigy, a Milwaukee-based multi-exchange trading software, has served the crypto market since 2014. It gives access to trach from 45+ popular crypto exchanges. Further, it provides dedicated applications for both iOS and Android devices. It’s significant to note that the application for iOS devices does not include trading functionality.

7. CoinMatics

CoinMatics was launched in 2018 and is a very user-friendly yet advanced copy trading and analytical tool. While its main focus is on copy trading, CoinMatics gives a diverse choice of around 200 strategies with futures and spots. However, it is a bridge that links investors and traders via its auto-copy exchange execution service.

Despite its user-friendliness, it also offers robust analytical tools made for expert traders. If someone has an interest in copy trading, the process includes opening an account, connecting the API key, selecting a strategy, and monitoring performance. Moreover, due to the referral program, both types of users can get extra profit by inviting friends to join.

8. BitJet

It was founded in 2018 and is one of the rapidly emerging copy-trading and social trading platforms in the crypto world. With a fine reputation, BitJet has proven resilient, and it’s still unaffected by the market downturn in 2022. However, it has gained the official sponsorship of Leo Messi of World Cup-winning Argentina.

As far as its core functionality is concerned, it also offers several features such as margin and spot trading, a launchpad, staking, and support for buying cryptocurrency on the terminal with the help of grid bots. Hence, BitJet stands out as a holistic platform.

9. PrimeXBT Covesting

prime xbt

Source: u.today

PrimeXBT is the executive crypto social trading platform and exchange, dedicated mainly to cryptocurrency and accepting Bitcoin deposits. Mainly, it is a crypto margin exchange, yet lately, it also introduced a copy trading section in collaboration with Covesting.

For beginners, it offers a great opportunity to get guidance from expert traders who have monetary incentives to do so and are paid for every profitable trade made by followers. Traders can choose experts based on their number of followers, strategies, reviews from traders, and history. Using PrimeXBT covers simple and needs an easy signup and Bitcoin deposit.

As a terminal user, you can either set your strategy or follow an already set strategy from the platform’s top users. Once all is done, trades will automatically execute, permitting users to examine their account balance or make adjustments on the go.

10. ZuluTrade

Established in 2007, ZuluTrade is a cross-broker platform. It brings together around 50 brokers worldwide and unites them in a single copy trading and social trading service. Users can choose from thousands of signal providers, read their analysis, and copy their actions with a custom risk management strategy. Its cross-brokerage service is licensed in the European Union and Japan.

Final Words

The dynamic cryptocurrency market keeps expanding. It becomes essential to stay updated with the trends as the market evolves. Thus, to help you in this journey, let these trading terminal trends above assist you. These 10 terminals are for both beginners and professionals and have a variety of features. Check how they function and all the pricing details to select the one that matches your needs.


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