• ChatGPT: Benefits and Issues to Keep In Mind 

ChatGPT was launched in November 2022. Since then it has gathered a lot of hype. Some have been singing praises for how beneficial it can be while others are raising concerns over the ethical issues it can create.

ChatGPT was created by Open AI as a Natural Language Processing (NPL) model. This state-of-the-art AI component can read the human language as it is spoken or written.

Moreover, it creates human-like responses to whatever input is given. This is done through the massive amount of data that is fed into it. The responses are claimed to be and supposed to be free of jargon and technical. So, such responses mean that it creates a natural environment that feels like a humanized conversation between the chatbot and the person.

Well, the education sector especially can be greatly benefited from this. However, there are certain issues with using ChatGPT, mainly related to ethics.

So, without any further delay, here are some benefits and issues with ChatGPT that you should know before you use it.

Benefits of using ChatGPT

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Increased Productivity on a Reduced Cost

Productivity is vital in any field, be it education or business. Businesses require their employees to be productive during work hours. In the same way, students and teachers need to remain productive for better performance. ChatGPT can be used by businesses to reduce response time to clients and users.

Also, teachers and students can take help to stay up to date and produce excellent research material. Businesses can also save a lot of money by making a chatbot handle a lot of queries as its responses are very human-like.

Available 24/7

While people may have only eight working hours, AI can work all the time. If you need help, there is no need to check ChatGPT’s availability because it will be there all the time. You just need a device and a reliable internet connection to work ChatGPT smoothly as it works in real-time to help you in several ways. We suggest you go for Mediacom due to its lightning fast speed and strong connectivity.

It goes without saying how important a well-maintained web connection is in this day and age. Without a trusty internet connection you can trust, there is no reaping all the benefits of ChatGPT. It is entirely dependent on your web connection, just like anything else that operates in real time. There is no doing it offline, period. It is a must if you want to start utilizing this modern technology.

Imagine having to quickly complete a project that the AI tool can help you with and the connection being severed for hours. You are rendered useless until the internet comes back. With a proper provider and a strong package for your home or business, you will never have to worry about losing your connection at the worst possible time. It can never happen, let alone during peak workday hours when everyone’s business should be thriving.

Furthermore, coming back to the point, during exam days or assignment submission days, students work day and night. They can’t disturb teachers or other helpers after school hours but surely can take help from ChatGPT anytime. The same goes for businesses.

ChatGPT saves time by taking orders, communicating issues, and giving solutions to problems with the product that people are using at home. It also takes away the burden of workers as they can rely on software for a lot of work.


ChatGPT is AI software. The software works on programming. This means that it can be reprogrammed to perform multiple tasks. This can be done through predetermined codes. It also means that ChatGPT is not taking away people’s jobs. There has to be a programmer to feed in codes so that the software can perform actions.

Functions like setting up a meeting, helping with research, doing a survey, etc. can be done easily using ChatGPT. Multitasking means that humans can save time and focus on more important things.

Issues with using ChatGPT

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Spread of Misinformation

A person like response from ChatGPT sounds great until it becomes an issue. The problem with this is that it can be difficult to distinguish between true and wrong information being given by this chatbot. After all, ChatGPT is giving responses based on data that is already fed into it.

If the input is not factual, the response cannot be accurate as well. This can cause a lot of issues. The spread of misinformation can put people in real danger. It can become the cause of many things like panic among the masses, the use of the wrong medication, defamation of an innocent, and mass-level unrest.

Misuse of ChatGPT

The software may have been developed for the good and ease of people but it can be used for harmful purposes as well. People revealed recently that they used ChatGPT to write malicious code even though it is designed to block such requests. The problem is that it is based on codes; experienced hackers can exploit it to gain benefits.

The chatbot can also spill out sensitive information, which can cause trouble even on an international level. Therefore, the administration behind ChatGPT needs to take strict security measures so that its benefits remain more than issues.

Social Issues

As it is the concern behind new advancements in technology, the biggest issue under concern is ChatGPT taking up people’s jobs. When companies can use this software for less money, they would hire few people as workers have to be paid fair wages. Other than this, ChatGPT and other such software can limit human interaction.

With tasks being automated, people will be interacting more with machines than real humans. Decreased human interaction and increasing unemployment can cause several social issues such as increased isolation, anxiety, depression, violence, etc.


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If used properly, ChatGPT can be a big problem solver for people. Those who have used it can vow for it. But the issues that can arise need to be taken into consideration. One needs to contemplate if ChatGPT can give more benefits or if its issues are outnumbered.


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