• Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse under $25 2023 – Complete Buying Guide

PC gaming is in vogue these days. This trend is further fuelled up by the live streamers on social media sites. To play a game that too on a computer is a challenging task. At this point, the gaming mouse makes its way in.

But many things go into consideration while hunting for a gaming mouse. These considerations include an uninterrupted internet, a gaming PC, and undeniably the most vital a mouse. The best type of mouse makes it effortless for you to play and be the winner.

Editor's Pick
Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse RGB Spectrum Backlit Ergonomic Mouse Griffin Programmable with...
Good Choice
VEGCOO C12 Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse Mice Silent Click Cordless Mouse 7 Smart Buttons PC...
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Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse: 6400 DPI Optical Sensor - 5 Programmable Buttons -...
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Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse RGB Spectrum Backlit Ergonomic Mouse Griffin Programmable with...
VEGCOO C12 Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse Mice Silent Click Cordless Mouse 7 Smart Buttons PC...
Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse: 6400 DPI Optical Sensor - 5 Programmable Buttons -...
Redragon M612 Predator RGB Gaming Mouse, 8000 DPI Wired Optical Gamer Mouse with 11 Programmable...
Editor's Pick
Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse RGB Spectrum Backlit Ergonomic Mouse Griffin Programmable with...
Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse RGB Spectrum Backlit Ergonomic Mouse Griffin Programmable with...
Good Choice
VEGCOO C12 Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse Mice Silent Click Cordless Mouse 7 Smart Buttons PC...
VEGCOO C12 Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse Mice Silent Click Cordless Mouse 7 Smart Buttons PC...
Don't Miss
Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse: 6400 DPI Optical Sensor - 5 Programmable Buttons -...
Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse: 6400 DPI Optical Sensor - 5 Programmable Buttons -...
Also Consider
Redragon M612 Predator RGB Gaming Mouse, 8000 DPI Wired Optical Gamer Mouse with 11 Programmable...
Redragon M612 Predator RGB Gaming Mouse, 8000 DPI Wired Optical Gamer Mouse with 11 Programmable...

While a widescreen helps keep a note of your activities, a mouse does all the functions and has all the controlling powers. Investing in this equipment will gain you victory, and you can emerge as the Gaming King amongst your gaming squad.

It not only makes your controlling much more comfortable and effortless but also enhances your gaming experience.

If you are an intense gamer and want no foul play in your gaming equipment, stay tuned! Listed below is a list of the 6 best gaming mouse under $25. This list will help you buy yourself the best and the worthiest mouse, which will make winning any game a breeze!

How was this list made?

We conducted in-depth research to bring forth the list of the highly efficient mice for your virtual battles. Besides, we also reviewed the user feedback and ratings. Some of the mice were shortlisted in the first step.

We reached out to the professional gamers and experienced bloggers who review the gaming equipment for the next scrutinization process. After noting down their feedback on the first shortlisted product, we made another concise list and had higher ratings.

Our selection criteria were based on specific crucial parameters that an intense player would look for before opting for a mouse.

To help you save time and money and surpass the tedious process of browsing through endless pages and reviews, we have presented you with a final list of the top-notch mouse for such thrilling games.

So, without any further ado, skim through the reviews of each mouse listed below. Take sufficient time to look at the minute details which can make a difference in your decision and then opt for the suitable one that caters to your requirements.

Top Budget Gaming Mouse under $25 Review

The shortlisted gaming mice are reviewed below. Opt for a suitable one and feel the change in your gaming experience.

1. Redragon M711 Cobra – Best Mouse for Speed

Redragon M711 Cobra


M711 Cobra gaming mouse is the ideal mouse that the majority of gamers use worldwide. Its optical gaming sensor has ruled over many hearts, which is the reason behind its massive fan base.

Are you waiting for the best feature of this mouse? It’s here! The high-speed motion of this RGB gaming mouse is incredible. An advanced tracking system accompanies it.

Both combined offer you precision in control. This mouse is also known as a high precision optical mouse, which is incredibly the best for professional gamers.

The programmable buttons and 7 different RGB modes enable this gaming mouse to yield high productivity. It helps you to cater to all your gaming demands effortlessly.

You also get access to a spectrum of lights consisting of 7 different effects. What can you ask for besides these fantastic features all loaded in small gaming equipment?

This mouse is a USB type for your comfort, which negates the need to change the batteries often. This feature makes your life much more manageable.

Also, a fiber braided cable of 1.8M is included, which aids in unrestricted movement. They are highly flexible and thus, don’t break easily.


  • Programmable keys: 7
  • DPI: 10,000
  • Mouse Type: Wired
  • It weighs only 7.2 ounces and hence incredibly lightweight.
  • The Tracking speed of 5000 IPS/ 100 IPS.
  • Excellent user ratings and positive feedback.
  • 5 adjustable levels to set the desired DPI level that you want.
  • The software has to be downloaded separately.
  • It has to be connected with different systems for different purposes.


2. Inphic Gaming Mouse – Best Mouse for Mode Transition

Inphic Gaming Mouse


The next one to make it on our list is this incredibly designed gaming mouse by Inphic. Many professional mouse designers have put their entire effort to develop such a fantastic mouse to match the experienced and intense gamers’ requirements.

Be it working or playing, you can do all your tasks with this single piece of gaming tool. With an array of 7 alluring lighting effects, Inphic’s gaming mouse has adjustable length sizes to make your gaming experience memorable.

This mouse is equipped with a USB 2.0 connection type, which saves you from battery issues. It has a fascinating speed of 30IPS and 10G acceleration.

The light effect uplifts your mood and creates a gaming atmosphere around you to give your level best. You position your palm on this mouse comfortably and enjoy your game. The two modes help you in the transition from the office mode to a beastly gaming mode in just a click.

This mouse is an excellent choice for those who like to work and play games in between to freshen up their mood and get energized.


  • Programmable keys: 7
  • DPI: 7200
  • Mouse type: Wired
  • You can work and play using the same device.
  • It has a suitable mouse size, and the length can be adjusted to match your comfort.
  • Lightweight and weighs only 5.4 ounces.
  • Supports all types of games and PCs.
  • The process of mode transition can be complicated initially.

3. Redragon M602 RGB – Best Mouse for Accuracy

Redragon M602 RGB


Built for gamers, this gaming mouse offers excellent accuracy and precision, which every gamer desires. This feature lands this mouse on our list for its high precision sensor, which is essential in gaming.

This mouse is highly responsive and is durable. These features give you an edge over your enemy, and the chances of your victory increase considerably.

7 unique RGB lighting effects emit a gaming vibe, and you get into those fighting shoes. This high-end gaming equipment leads in the race of mice because of the unique features that it has.

If you are a dedicated gamer and looking for a memorable gaming experience, M602 RGB is a smarter gaming choice that you can head for.

This device offers you a butter-like smooth, and enjoyable experience. Its precision adds a start to its performance and no wonder why most gamers blindly opt for this machine. The ergonomic design adds to its efficiency, so you can knock down your enemy with just a slight press, sit back and relax!


  • Programmable buttons: 7
  • DPI: 7200
  • Mouse type: Wired
  • There are five memory profiles that are easy to distinguish.
  • You can personalize this mouse to suit your playing station.
  • The ergonomic design reduces finger fatigue.
  • It has a smooth surface constructed out of Teflon.
  • The scroll wheel of this mouse is made of anti-slip material.
  • A left-handed person cannot use it.
  • Low DPI


4. VEGCOO C12 Rechargeable Mouse – Best Wireless Mouse

VEGCOO C12 Rechargeable Mouse


Want to sit snugly under your warm blanket and play Fortnite on your computer kept on the study table? While many mice restrict this type of setup, VEGCOO proves them all wrong. This dynamic gaming mouse has no wire, which makes it highly mobile.

You can connect this device to your gaming PC and play from a distance. You won’t have to sit on a chair and develop a spine problem; neither will you have to restrict your playing area.

Play in the backyard, on your dining table, or in your room; this mouse will let you attain your victory wherever you go.

This miraculous gaming equipment has an appealing appearance, which looks like it costs a lot. However, this perception is a myth. VEGCOO C12 is economically feasible and has been manufactured, keeping in mind a gamer’s need.

This mouse has LED lights in it, which is not too bright to obstruct your vision. With this beauty in hand, you can show off among your friends and win the game easily.


  • Programmable buttons: 7
  • DPI: 2400
  • Mouse type: wireless
  • It has an ergonomic design that provides your palm and fingers with the desired comfort.
  • No tangling of the wires. The wireless feature offers a memorable and effortless gaming experience.
  • It has an energy-saving mode, which negates wastage of energy.
  • It provides maximum compatibility and thus can be connected with several devices.
  • There is a distance limitation of 10 m beyond which the established connection will fade away.
  • It has to be charged when the battery drains off.


5. PICTEK Gaming Mouse- Best mouse for intense gaming

PICTEK Gaming Mouse


With a polling rate of up to 1,000Hz, this special gaming equipment offers you precision in control, which is the most critical feature in the world of gaming devices. A mouse that doesn’t provide precise control has no meaning to its existence.

Since a game is all about quick movements and demands excellent accuracy and precision, the PICTEK gaming mouse fulfills all your requirements for this game. Who wants to lose?

No one! Hence, by investing in this mouse, you not only get a mood uplifting array of beautiful shades but also obtain what you desire from a gaming mouse.

This mouse has an exclusive fire button on it that aids you while you are indulged in an intense battle with your enemy. That is the reason it is also known as the rapid-fire mouse.


  • Programmable buttons: 8
  • DPI: 7200
  • Mouse type: Wired
  • It has a fire button and gaming software, which are unique and not found in other mice.
  • It provides a memorable gaming experience for you.
  • It has 16.8 million colors to match different occasions and your mood, which can be changed using a switch.
  • Has a streamlined body design for a comfortable grip.
  • It has been tested to last around 20 million clicks.
  • It has only a right-hand orientation.
  • Apple devices cannot be used for programming purposes.


6. VicTsing Ergonomic Gaming Mouse – Best Mouse for Comfort

VicTsing Ergonomic Gaming Mouse


The most reliable gaming equipment is finally here! VicTsing gaming mouse provides you utmost comfort and unforgetful gameplay whenever it is put to use. You won’t complain once you have used it.

It has built-in software that allows you to customize the speed and color to suit your taste and play the game enthusiastically.

Many gamers choose VicTsing, and there is a reason for its popularity. Its ergonomic design enhances your comfort and gaming experience. There is a particular resting place for every finger, be it the small finger or the thumb.

Besides, the anti-slip grip is remarkable, which is essential not to divert your attention from the screen. It can be used daily and pays off your investment.


  • Programmable buttons: 8
  • DPI: 8000
  • Mouse type: Wired
  • There are 7 adjustable modes in this mouse, which allow you to adjust the light.
  • Better grip for excellent control and precision.
  • 1.56m long cable allows unrestricted movement.
  • Has a lifespan of 10 million clicks.
  • It cannot be used on Apple devices for programming purposes.
  • Using this mouse on a glass surface or mirror is strictly prohibited.


Buying Guide: How to buy the best gaming mouse under $25

gaming mice

Investing in a reliable weapon for gaming, especially in high-intensity games, is essential. If ill-opted, you will lose the game, and your investment will flow down the drain.

If you are a pro in playing PC games and want to maintain the same ranking, you should look for the crucial factors that affect a gaming mouse. These critical aspects listed will help you opt for the best mouse under $25, which will help you become the God of gaming. So, let’s get a glimpse!

1. DPI (Dots per Inch)

DPI or dots per inch determines how responsive and sensitive your mouse is. Since sensitivity is extensively required while playing any game, opting for a mouse with a higher DPI is worthwhile.

Higher DPI will ensure that you won’t have to perform long sweeping motions to move the cursor from one place to another.

Hence, before you opt for any gaming mouse, check its DPI. Also, try it practically to know whether you want a mouse with a higher DPI or a medium rating.

2. Optical Sensors:

Gaming mice with optical sensors are suitable ones and match the need of every gamer. They can be used on any surface, whether smooth or rough.

If you compare a standard mouse and a mouse with an optical sensor, you will find that the latter is more responsive and efficient than the former.

Thus, if you are opting for a gaming mouse, you should look for the one that has optical
sensors. Anything other than that will be a waste of money.

3. Polling rate:

The sensor embedded in your mouse, reads its location. The number of times your mouse’s location is registered by this sensor is known as its polling rate. This polling rate varies from 250-1000Hz.

The choice of the polling rate depends on the intensity of your game. If you take your games seriously and want to give your cent percent in it, look for the mice with high polling rates.

However, don’t get swayed away by the high rate. The higher the polling rate will be, the slower your computer will work. Thus, check the compatibility and the speed before investing in it.

4. Buttons:

The buttons are an essential part of any gaming mouse. Without them, you cannot compete with your contenders. Make sure that while you are opting for any mouse, it has an anti-skid scrolling wheel, two adjustable buttons on the top, and one on the thumb rest.

These buttons will provide you efficient control and ease to play the game. If you find any mouse with more buttons and the desired features, opt for that without thinking twice.

The Bottom Line

The list of the best gaming mouse under $25 provided above contains all the top-rated gaming mice. All professional gamers and bloggers have approved these gaming gears. They are all tested and cater to all the needs that a gamer has.

Hence, review the list and refer to the buying guide. Opt for the one you find suitable for the type of game you play, and then make an informed purchase.

Bestseller No. 1
Amazon Basics Ergonomic Wireless PC Mouse - DPI adjustable - Black
  • Compact wireless mouse with adjustable DPI for preferred sensitivity (600, 1000, 1600, 2400, or 3600 DPI)
  • Advanced optical sensor; works on most surfaces; clickable metallic scroll wheel; back/forward thumb buttons for easily navigating web pages
  • 2.4 GHz wireless connection (does not support Bluetooth) with a 33-foot range; uses AES-128 encryption for added security; this mouse uses a small USB...
SaleBestseller No. 2
T-DAGGER Wireless Gaming Mouse- USB Cordless PC Computer Mice with LED Red Backlit, Ergonomic Silent...
  • 【Silent & Durable Click】Gaming mouse will make no noise when clicking left or right buttons, no worry for disturbing others. Suitable for public...
  • 【Cool LED Backlights】Mouse for gaming provides a BLUE LED backlit, greatly matching your cool style and creating a great atmosphere to enhance...
  • 【5 DPI Levels for Gaming and Work】Wireless gaming mouse can be driven from 2400-2000-1600-1200-800 DPI, providing excellent sensitivity and...
Bestseller No. 3
Amazon Basics Wireless Computer Mouse with USB Nano Receiver - Purple
  • Smooth, precise and affordable wireless optical 3-button mouse with USB nano receiver for laptop, desktop and netbook PCs
  • 2.4 GHz wireless (not Bluetooth) provides a powerful, reliable connection
  • Nano-receiver stays in the PC USB port or stows conveniently inside the wireless mouse when not in use (note: Receiver is stored within the mouse from...
Bestseller No. 4
HOTWEEMS Wireless D-09 Computer Mouse USB Cordless Mice for Laptop, Ergo Grips, Lightspeed 5-Level...
  • 【Less Muscle Strain Ergonomics】Advanced ergonomic computer mouse provides total comfort with 30° ergonomic handshake angel, contoured grips and...
  • 【Faster Wireless Transmission Speed】 33FT 2.4G wireless connection reduces all the interference and delays. Just plug the USB receiver into pc or...
  • 【3X Less Hand Movement】800-2400 DPI high precision sensor reduces muscle fatigue and boost your workflow. Cursor moves 3X faster than basic...
SaleBestseller No. 5
【Upgrade】 LED Wireless Mouse, Slim Silent Mouse 2.4G Portable Mobile Optical Office Mouse with...
  • 【LED Design】The upgraded version mouse with the LED lights adds more fun to the boring office life. The bottom of the mouse has a switch, you can...
  • 【Rechargeable Optical Mouse】Built-in durable rechargeable battery, it can be easily charged using the included USB cable without replacing the...
  • 【Plug and Play】No need to install any driver, just plug the USB receiver into your laptop will the mouse start to serve. 2.4GHz wireless...
Bestseller No. 6
Silent Wireless Mouse, 2.4G Slim Travel Mouse with USB Receiver, Quiet Click Protable Computer Mice...
  • No Annoying Clicky Sounds & Portable: This mouse is super quiet, no more disturbing for others. The slim design of this mouse is great to store in a...
  • Responsive 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology & Easy Set Up: 2.4 GHz provides stronger anti-interference ability, a faster transmission speed, working...
  • Low Power Consumption: Energy saving feature makes longer battery life, It will enter auto sleep mode if you don't use it for 5 minutes, can be easily...
Bestseller No. 7
Lizsword Wired Gaming Mouse, PC Gaming Mice [Breathing RGB LED] [Plug Play] High-Precision...
  • 🎄Charming Breath RGB Backligh:16 million color options for the backlight setting make your gaming mouse look cool.The RGB lights is more vibrant...
  • 🎅🏻High-Precision DPI & Polling Rateh:gaming mouse run flawlessly with optical sensor and avoids random clicks.adjust DPI 1200-7200,polling...
  • 🎁Seven Programmable Buttons:Mouse have 7 buttons,can set for more functions like rapid fire,macro etc.Software is initial setup.side buttons are...
Bestseller No. 8
Wireless Mouse,Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for Laptop - LED Computer Mice (Bluetooth 5.1 +USB) -...
  • 【Dual Mode (BT 5.1 + 2.4GHz) Led Wireless Mouse】:The dual-mode wireless mouse only needs one switch to realize the free switching of one mouse...
  • 【Rechargeable Wireless Mouse Optical TYPE-C Mouse】Built-in durable rechargeable battery, it can be easily charged using the included TYPE-C cable...
  • 【Plug and Play Wireless Bluetooth Mouse】No need to install any driver, just plug the USB receiver into your laptop that will the mouse start to...
Bestseller No. 9
Trueque Wireless Mouse for Laptop, 2.4GHz Ergonomic Computer Mouse with 3 Adjustable DPI Levels,...
  • 【 Ergonomic Design, All-day Comfort】The wireless mouse is made of skin-friendly silicone and plastic, safe and non-toxic. The streamlined arc...
  • 【Multi-function & Efficiency】Compared with a basic computer mouse, two buttons are added on the side to help you control the forward/ backward...
  • 【No Delays, No Dropouts】Plug and play, no drivers need to be installed🛎️ 【NOTE: USB receiver is stored in the back of the mouse】. 2.4GHz...
Bestseller No. 10
E-YOOSO Wireless Mouse, Computer Mouse 18 Months Battery Life Cordless Mouse, 5-Level 2400 DPI, 6...
  • ✅ 5-LEVEL ADJUSTABLE DPI: 1️⃣ 5-level DPI settings (800/1200/1600/2000/2400) to meet your multiple needs, either for daily work or gaming. The...
  • ✅ USB PLUG AND PLAY & STABLE CURSOR: USB Nano Receiver can be stored within the back of the mouse, can suport usb plug and play. Besides, 2.4GHz...
  • ✅ ANTI-SLIP & ANTI-SWEAT ERGONOMIC DESIGN: E-YOOSO Ergonomic Mouse is made of anti-slip and anti-sweat custom material, super durable. E-1010...


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