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  • Razer Abyssus 3500DPI Specifications – 2023 Guide

Razer Abyssus from 2014 is a basic gaming mouse with a very tactile and ergonomic design. It has an optical sensor with up to 3500 dpi resolution, and it is very fast and flexible. The mouse has a texture area to prevent slippery when you sweat, and it comes with Razer Synapse technology for easy customization and adjustment of every function.

Razer AbyssusRazer-Abyssus-2014
Launch Year17 Jun. 2014
Dimensions117 x 64 x 38 mm
Weight111 grams
Connection TypeUSB 2.0, Rubber
Form FactorAmbidextrous
Grip Type
DPI on the fly
Max. DPI3500DPI
Max. acceleration
IPS speed
Polling Rate1000Hz
IlluminationGreen - logo
Programming Profiles
On-board Memory




5 Responses

  1. Lucas says:

    This mouse is very comfortable and is precise. But DON’T buy it! This mouse will break within a year. My LMB is broken, it’s hard to click it and I can press it down more that I should (feels like a piano key).

    • john says:

      Ive had mine since 2015,its Nov 15th 2019 now and its still working.
      Its gone through 2 laptops and a 5k? desktop and the only thing from the lot still working is the mouse.

    • In says:

      I have this mouse since 2014. LMB and RMB work flawlessly. What broke down was the scroll click a year ago or so. It is a great mouse but its nothing surprising that Razer mouses break. Basic 5? Logitech or Dell mouse lasts decades(from personal experience), Razer ones don’t last at all.

      • Cyberspunk2077 says:

        ive had it since 2014 too and my mouse scroll click broke too, but because i raged in a game and hit it hahahah, everything else still works perfect

    • Harryw007 says:

      I’ve had this mouse since 2014 and it is now 2023. It is still working flawlessly lol.

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