• How to Rent a Dedicated Server: A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners 2023

Finding a proper hosting solution is crucial for every business today. While there are different options available, the most secure one for companies is to use an exclusive one, which is a dedicated server. The key reasons are that you will get the appropriate infrastructure and resources able to keep your online platform stable and secure. Also, we have to mention that you are not sharing resources with other users, which is the case with other options.

You can set up a dedicated server in your company. However, this is a more expensive solution, and if you are not interested in spending a higher initial value, renting is a much better option. In comparison, renting can cost you as low as $100 per month, while buying one will require thousands.

Before you choose the hosting company, make sure that you research and compare different solutions. If you require advanced stability, excellent customer support, and high speed, one of the best options is Deltahost.com. Also, here are some additional details a beginner should know about the best way to rent a dedicated server.

Main Features

You should learn more about the features of different hosting services available so that you can choose the right solution for your needs. For example, shared hosting is a very popular choice because it is cheap, and there is a great selection of servers to choose from.

However, the fact that it is shared can be an issue for your business. The main reason for that is that it might lose some performances or even face issues with security and stability, especially during peak hours. On the other side, you are the only user of a dedicated server.

Therefore, it provides outstanding performance, full control, much better security, and scalability. Also, you can choose the amount of resources related to your needs and upgrade them over time. This is especially good for online stores and other businesses that rely on online platforms.

Why Renting is the Best Solution?

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As we already mentioned, renting is popular because you don’t need to spend a higher initial price. The average monthly fee for it is around $100. Also, there are plenty of options for upgrade, which you can scale up over time.

Another reason this is a much better choice is that you don’t need to hire experts in this area to work in your company. That should be the case when you buy one since there must be someone to maintain it. Upgrading is also much easier. You don’t need to invest in additional equipment. Instead of that, all you need to do is simply choose a more advanced package.

Research the Market

The most important step when you are looking to rent is to compare different options. The goal is to find the service that will provide the right technical features along with proper support. Therefore, focus on finding a company that will be available all the time and that you can contact at any moment if there are issues.

Also, choose one that uses DDoS protection, which is essential in keeping potential threats away. Another feature that you should check is related to performance. The package should offer enough speed and capacity for your platform to run smoothly. If you are already using shared hosting, switching to a dedicated server won’t be a problem.

There are Different Types

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There is no need to rush with your selection. Take your time to research and compare. Also, learn more about the different types available and the features they can provide. The most common options are standard, managed, enterprise, and unmetered.

A standard one is perfect if you want to switch from a shared one and provide improved performance and security for your small online business. However, we have to mention that this option has some limits, and you will need to upgrade it over time as you get more users.

The next level is a managed dedicated server, and the main benefit is that you will get full support from the provider. If you have an online platform with thousands or millions of active users, you will need a more capable solution, which is enterprise hosting.

It is reliable, stable, and able to deal with demanding web apps. Another great solution for a high-demanding website is unmetered hosting. It provides high speed, and the traffic is shared between users and the service.

It is Better Than Other Hosting Services

We already mentioned that technical features are the main reason this is the best option. The key difference is related to resources when we compare it to shared hosting or a virtual private server. Traffic spikes can cause some problems with these two options.

If you have an online store or some other type of business, technical issues on your website or poor performance can affect potential customers. You don’t need to worry about that when you are using a dedicated server since you will be the only user of assigned resources. Also, the fact that you are the only user makes it much more secure. Therefore, chances of facing data breaches are brought to a minimum.

In that matter, all you need to do is to focus on your needs, and then choose the right provider. Renting is a hassle-free solution since you don’t need to buy any additional equipment and hire experts to maintain it.

In Conclusion

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The demands of users these days are very high. They expect the website to run smoothly, load fast, and provide the right level of protection. While there is a chance to achieve some of these features with other hosting options, a dedicated server represents the best overall solution.

The process of renting is quite simple. Even if you are already using some other type of hosting, switching to this one won’t be a problem. Therefore, check out the well-known services in your area, compare their features, and start with the one that offers the right performance for your website.


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